One Night Stands

For young guys (or any guy) : numerous energetic one night stands with women is a big turn on.
There are many attractions to one night stands apart from the sex.
Being unattached to a women allows you to let go and be a bit wild.
The fact that you hardly know her makes the act daring and exiting. Making love to a different personality introduces interesting quirks and (sexual positions).
Even though women are the most sexually liberated they have ever been it’s still tough to find a sane and attractive women interested in casual sex.
Women receive sooo much interest and attention in their daily lives and especially online so don’t automatically think that online dating is a hot spot for one night stands.
You could say most women are not as keen to be a part of anonymous casual sex as guys are (women have a lot more to risk).
Stats dont lie: women are VERY interested in sex, most of the articles within cosmo are related to looking prettier (to attract attention to have sex) or sex itself.
So women want it but they wont ask for it… There is a big price to pay if a women is thought to be a slut… She has to choose wisely.
Here’s Dave on why you can have one night stands without the regret
There are two ways to get one night stands online
One is easier than the other:
The easier way is deceitful and will hurt you in the end. This is how most guys try to set up sexual encounters for the weekend.
They will sign up to dating sites like and look for relationships with women (perfectly ok). But then after a few nights of “romance” they might move on and the women gets hurt because the guy lied. Did you really lie
The harder but more honest way of getting one night stands is to be honest about your intentions from the start. The problem with this is that you may not attract the right kinds of women.
Perhaps the best approach for setting up one night stands is to be somewhere in the middle:
Don’t forget that many women want to have one night stands just like men. What women don’t want is to be used and lied to.
It’s perfectly ok to be honest about your intentions of sex.
Just make sure that the women knows what you want. If the two of you want the same thing then the one night stand should go ahead.
Do not lie online about wanting a relationship and then spring the one night idea on her when you meet offline! But I think it is moral to be somewhat vague online: Click all of the right (looking for casual relationships) but also be open to future relationships.
Key to one night stands:
Honesty and Respect

Thoughts From The Web

On the other hand suggests that once you have gotten the one night stand you are going to need to accept you’ll likely never see this women ever again. So exchanging personal info or not using a condom are defiantly bad calls. push their typically arrogant approach to advice:
After you have “spotted your prey” move in for the kill and talk about something opposite to what the group was talking about to create tension…?
Approach women who are alone.
Pick out women that dress to show off their bodies… cleavage and high skirts to show off legs may be a sign that she is ovulating

One Night Stand Tips:

Go to her place:
Your place sucks and it’s messy… Her place is nice, clean and easy to ditch if it gets weird.
Wear Protection:
if she is keen for a one night stand there is a pretty good chance that she has done it before fairly recently. Some STI’s lay dormant so even if she say’s she’s clean…
Do you really want to take that risk? I mean one night stands with unprotected sex is a real fantasy but hey, is it really worth it?
Be Adventurous:
She doesn’t want this one night stand so you can stay up all night chatting about the latest romantic movie or book you read.
Your not a shoulder to cry on or a love object for her – you are a sex machine that is going to give her the best dam sex she has ever had. She may have been dry for some time and her toys were getting boring…
Give her something else to think about.
Easy Boy:
Getting all cocky because you know you’ll bang her in a few hours? Be confident but don’t be dick about it. She is allowing you deep into her emotional world.
But by all means give it to her rough if she asks…