One Simple Psychological Trick to Get Your Ex Back

If you are currently in two minds about whether to attempt to rekindle a lost love you are not alone…

If you have recently been dumped you know all to well the emotions you are feeling… (emotions you never knew you even had). Re-establishing and reconnecting with your ex can be a real challenge because more often than not they arn’t even interested in talking to you.

How can I rekindle love when they wont return my phone calls?” The more you call the more desperate you become and look to others
One Simple Psychological Trick to Get Your Ex Back
There is one simple psychological trigger that exists that will allow you to claim and ex back… it’s different from how everyone normally goes about the whole process and that’s why it’s special.

But first lets take a look at what doesn’t work.

Most guys who have been dumped by their girlfriends try to convince them with words and statements of how they have changed and how much they love them.

Breaking up is based on emotion and it is emotion that you need to understand in order to get an ex back. Statements such as:

“I love you… will you give it another chance?”
“I was wrong to break up with you I’m so sorry…

Or any statement that explains why you want to get back with them will not work because you are literally speaking the wrong language.

If you are using this method you are trying to change their mind. On an intellectual conscious level THEY might even want to get back with you but  in the end the still end up leaving.

It’s not their mind you need to change it’s their heart and emotions because that is the driving force behind attraction and re-attraction.. Something that Michael Griswold understands and part of what the M3 system is based on.

You desire to be with her – you are not quite sure why but you are “attracted” to her. She no longer “desires” to be with you and this is something you are trying to change. Once again it cannot be altered with words and phone calls.

Do you want to learn how to change someone’s MOOD?

Would you like to know a simple psychological trick that if used will flick the switch inside their mind and have them begging for your forgiveness…? well perhaps not begging but you get the point. You will literally be able to change their thought process overnight and have them running back into your arms where they belong.

As soon as you understand that you need to speak to their mood and not their mind you start to really talk to them. You see, every decision you make is based on emotion and your emotions are directly related to your mood.

Let me ask you a question…

Do you have patience and courage?

Your going to need it because getting your ex back is NOT an easy task.

Luckily a guy like Mike is here to help you along the way. He understands this emotion and mood stuff better than any and you are able to creep inside his mind and find out what makes an ex tick.

There is no doubting how angry (or even sad) your ex is feeling right now. You might have really pissed them off this time. What you want to do now is ease off on the contact for a few weeks.

No email, no txt, no phone calls and no face book.
Remove yourself from a routine that will remind you of them and allow the good memories to seep in. Your ex will feel a similar desire for you once you remove yourself from the equation.

Don’t get in the way of the process and slip up. Keep busy with other routines and get on with your life without them for a while. Desire for you will start to grow in your ex and in time they will contact you.












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