One Weird Trick To Getting A Girlfriend

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How To Get A Girlfriend (from experience)
Another question…
Are you pushing people away?
Are you pushing life experiences away?
There is a silly movie called something like “yes man”…
Jim Carrey starts to say yes to everything in his life and good things come of it – we are programmed to say no to so many things in life… today try to catch yourself saying no or refusing any experience to enter your organised bland life.
I challenge you to start saying yes
Saying no limit’s the experiences and the people that you allow into your life. The less people you know the less parties, social events and courting opportunities that enter your life.
Even if you are introverted in nature and would love nothing more than to be on your own in your bubble of safety you still need to get out. You have to force yourself to say yes to that voice in your head saying “go and talk to her”…
Have you noticed that when you are alone you begin to realise how important people are in your life?

The  girlfriends, boyfriends and family members present in your life are the people who make it special.

It’s not the material possessions that bring enjoyment into your life even though the latest video game can be amazing for a few days. It’s sharing that experience with others.
We all know this intuitively but it’s so easy to say no to new experiences.
Sticking to the familiar seems safe at the time but it leads to the dull life that you don’t want.
If your wondering why your still single… think about the reality of your weekends.
It’s likely that your either:

  • To busy or given up on romancing – you stay at home and have a great time with friends
  • To preoccupied with work – your work dominates your life
  • To drunk to care – you go out with the intention of finding someone but your not really that serious about it and end up sitting on a bar stool rubber necking.

The yes man approach takes balls – you pretty much have to say yes to anything that comes into your life (within reason). You do this in spite of fear and phobia.
Most people need the death of a loved one or a horrible event in their life to shock them into the realisation that life is short.
Great lasting friendships occur between those with similar personalities and hobbies. They are forged through amazing shared experiences.
You also need plenty of time:
– usually friends come and go because as we age our interests change. It pays to hold onto those friendships that you had in the past because they become invaluable to you as you get older.
The reason why I am talking about friendships here is because almost ALL relationships are created as a result of a friend association. The more friends that you have, the more chances of meeting your new girlfriend.
If your frustrated with the reality that your still single – your still going home to a cold bed tonight and there is nobody to share your life with but do not fear – I have a suggestion.
Obviously what you have been trying in the past has not worked (if you have tried at all) so you need a new approach.
This is an indirect approach but it has been proven to work time and time again.
Rather than going out with the intention of getting a girlfriend or some sort of sexual experience try to just make new friends.
By doing this something changes in your attitude towards women – you ask them about their life rather than staring at them from across the room… in short – you seem normal.
It’s obviously not just men you should create friendships with but other women. If she is not your type but she makes you laugh she is the perfect girl mate. The more mates you have that are girls the more social gatherings you will find yourself being invited to.

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