Online Cam Sites Rant

Free online cam sites… not so free

Once again it seems that you get what you pay for ( apart from companies such as google and face book), free online cam sites are cheap enough though. You select the model and enter a paid private video chat room.
As for it all ever being free to do… it’s unlikely. The women are paid to perform and be there, if it were free it would be a bunch of dudes jacking off at an empty screen.
So free online cam sites such as can actually be a lot of fun if your prepared to throw in 20 dollars a month to chat and private message.
What you have to realise is that your never going to actually get in contact with these women. I guess you know that when you sign up, it being a cam site an all.
The general principle is that the women sit their on the bed for awhile and entice you into joining a fan club hence your membership billing starts. So it’s not really free at all. It’s free to look at girls not taking their cloths off.
If you want partially free chat then you can always try something like woo me. Watch out for the sneaky dudes jacking off, it’s literally about 40% naked cock.
The good think about online cam sites is that they are actually fun to use. If you get a women that really interacts and connects with you the whole experience can be exiting. For most people using online cam sites will be a new experience.
The thought of chatting to a random women online in the first place is a big turn on for some but then when she starts stripping and doing anything you ask things can really heat up.

Light Cam Rant

When on
It’s almost 100% sexually motivated…
80% camers are men
20% of those (or more) litterally have their dicks out jacking off to the carmera
Get ready for some rejection, it’s a tough game on woome… everyone has their guard up and once you finally shuffle to a women, being cut off mid sentence is common.

How To Use Woome

I wouldn’t use it at all…
If you are going to then just use it for practice in conversation. You get to talk to loads of new people and it could be useful for getting over rejection and chatting to girls. If you find talking to women a little weird still then woome might be a good free option for you.
Be ready to come across mostly dudes unless you pay for a membership. Also don’t take rejection (skipping past your cam) seriously… it’s all part of the woome experience.

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