Online Dating 101

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So you want to date online… But you have no idea where to start…
Which online dating service is for you?
Which are the cheapest?
Which dating service will have the largest number of personals in your area?
What is a dating profile anyway?
In the online dating 101 article we’ll walk you through the basic steps, a quick crash course to get you started.

1. Know What You Want

Before you choose your dating service you are going to want to understand what you want from the experience. If your looking for love and marriage your service is going to be different from all the fling sites.
If you way to the right wing and just want sex (hey some dudes do) then benaughty or other casual dating sites  could work.
Understand you emotional situation – are you currently weakened by a divorce or break up?
How long has it been before you have dated?
Get all of this on paper or at least understand in your head where you are coming from.
Know is a good idea to decide whether you are going to create an online avatar or use all of your real details.

2. Choose Your Online Dating Service

Wow… Soo many to choose from here. Problem is many of them are dominated by certain subcultures of people, ethnicities, ages, agendas and countries.
If your a meat eating man from London UK you don’t want to login to a site full vegetarian
Californians right? You can always play it safe and go with say which has a decent span of all subcultures as well as origins.
Meaning the database is soo large you are certain to find some local singles no matter where you live (within reason)
So it’s a matter of defining who you are and what you want. Are you going to go single mother/mature singles/cougar/vegan niche dating or play it safe and go mainstream.
If you knew to dating – Obviously you are reading dating 101 then I would strongly suggest you keep it steady for your first try.
Even sites such as lavalife, eHarmony okCupid or Matchmaker should do the trick.

3. Test The Waters

Double check your paid online dating service and test the waters with a free dating site.
Create a dummy email address at gmail or ymail and sign up with and
This will iron out anything you are unsure of and perhaps even put you in the next class up (dating 102)
You will want to double check your paid dating site by looking at pricing guides
and just look at some reviews. Check if they are safe and at least in the top 10 to 20 dating sites online. You don’t want to be giving your credit card details to some dude in china!

4. Write A Dating Profile

Preferably write the draft offline in MS word so all your spelling is good. Get examples of great profiles so that you know what works.
The best way is to just be yourself and explain exactly what you are looking for. Decide how heavily you want to screen by what you put in your profile.
This profile thing can be tricky because your selling yourself, sell to hard and you look like a dick, sell to soft and you nothing to offer.
Be honest – Be yourself – Take your time

5. Check Your Email – Be proactive

Don’t go checking it obsessively – once or twice a day is more than enough.
If you’re not getting the responses you had hoped for try changing your profile picture or altering your profile and headline.
Reply courteously to interested members but also don’t forget to actively browse singles and email them!
Be proactive

6. Scammers

Unfortunately for the thousands of legitimate online daters you will get some nasty folk. Always video chat before meeting up and always meet in a public place. If it sounds all to good to be true alarm bells should be ringing.

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