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Looks like Ok Cupids Blog Ok Trends have done it again. They contiune to produce mathematically factual online dating advice.

This time it’s the lies people tell when they use online dating sites. We all lie and small white lies never hurt anyone right?
And if everyone lies the same amount on average then everyone kind of gets that’s what’s happening anyway. For example taller richer guys get more dates so men inflate this figure.
The problem with online misrepresentation is that online dating is a lot more serious than your myspace or Halo account.
People are looking for love and friendship. If you turn out to be a guy when you’re supposed to be girl… well you know what
I mean.
And how can you tell the difference between an online dating liar just looking to piss around and a real honest dater.

The Lies

Here are some of the big lies people tell on online dating sites.
The data set is based on 1.51 million active ok cupid users

Online Dating Lie #1


The guy or girl you are chatting with will be 2 inches shorter than there profile suggests. When the guys at okcupid compared the okcupid male height to the us average they had been artificially shunted to the right by 2”
Perhaps the sample size are just taller than average? Unlikely… the sample size was big enough to accurately estimate the us population meaning the guys at okcupid are lying.

REALITY: People are two inches shorter in real life.
So it seems that 2” is a height you can get away with if you are a guy. No harm in tacking on an extra bit of height if it gets you more responses. Plus when you meet your date in the real world they wont notice anyway. So the harmless white lies on online dating will continue despite everyone knowing the truth.
Amazingly it’s not just the guys nudging up there status women are adding 2” on as well. Looks like it sucks to be short if your a guy or girl.
On average taller men and women have more sex (up to a certain point)
But shorter women seem to get more attention perhaps because they are more approachable/less intimidating.

. . .

Online flirting can be measured by the number of initial emails received. It’s kind of like making the first more or the approach in a bar. A women who is 5’4” gets 60 more contacts than a taller women. So if you are a tall women actually lowering your height will get you more contacts.
It’s unlikely that tall women are less attractive than shorter women. This means men might just be a bit intimidated by taller women – a bit put off – is it not socially accepted to date tall women?
The good news is if you are not put off by taller women they are likely to say yes. Even though taller women get approached less they have more sex than shorter women.

Online Dating Lie #2

Earning Potential

It is well known that people inflate their income online. Earning potential is such an attractive proposition and a mere figure on a screen is easily manipulated. Unlike your hair colour or height, earning potential is less tangible. Who’s to know if you don’t make that extra 10K added onto the end. As a result you get more responses…

REALITY: People are 20% poorer than they say they are.
Once again OK Cupid took data from the average US and compared it to its sample.
According to okcupid as men AND women get older they inflate their annual income by 20%
Keep in mind when you see a profile with the 100K+ revenue statistic it is likely to be b.s.
there are consistently 4× the number of people making $100K a year than there should be.
The thing is I am sure everyone knows this already! So if you happen to be using online dating sites and earn anything near 100 thousand dollars per year it might pay to ease off on the boasting. You might draw a little to much unwanted attention to yourself. Best to expose the great news to the love of your life when the time is right.
The okcupids overall income inflation by age is standardised for age and location!
OkCupid also discovered that around the ages of 18 22 revenue matters little to the number of messages received. But get passed 22 and your still not bringing home the bacon? You can expect to receive little attention from the ladies. Shallow?
The incentive to exaggerate our annual income is plain to see.

Online Dating Lie #3

Age Of Pictures

Yet another statistic oktrends found is the likelihood of attractive looking pictures to be out of date. With the scale of attractiveness increasing the chances of it to be old.
Of course attractive pictures and unattractive pictures are up to the user to decide but the older the image the more attractive. Meaning you might not recognise the girl on the first date if you haven’t seen her in say in a video chat/call.
This all makes sense of course: Why change a picture that works?

Online Dating Lie #4


REALITY: 80% of self-identified bisexuals are only interested in one gender.
Perhaps bisexual is the new cool thing to be online… If your gay or just curious about mixing it up a little it’s easy to mention bisexual in your profile. But what does this actually mean?
According to oktrends statistics even if someone says they are bisexual they predominantly message either one gender or the other. This does not mean they are not bisexual but would suggest they are leaning one way.
Is the term bisexual just a hedged bet for gays?
Is it an indication of a sexual adventourous nature for straights.?
Age also has a role in the identification of bisexuality or gay. By our mid thirties there is a gradual change from bisexual to gay status.
By the end of our chart, 3 of every 4 bi males on OkCupid are observably straight
Of the 12 percent of american women who call themselves bi… 25% are actually bi.
All of this amazing information was analyzed by the guys over at
I am sure they won’t mind me referencing the images 😉
I’m promoting them after all…
Keep in mind that this data (as statistically significant as it might be) is only a small test done by one dating site. If you disagree with the lies you are quite within your right to do so.

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