Online Dating And Social Media Top 5 Reasons It May Not Be For You

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You don’t take pictures well

Whether it’s your low quality camera or your about as photogenic as derpina, some people just dont take photos well but that doesn’t mean you wont impress offline.

You don’t know how to chat online

Sarcasm online often just comes off as douchery. Slow typing makes for a boring conversation and asking the wrong question will be met with AFK (absent from keyboard) leaving you scratching your head wondering… what did I say wrong?

You have great energy and charisma…in person

If you are relying on online contacts for your dating pool but your biggest strength is presence, energy and charisma in person you are wasting your time. Get to the bars, sports clubs, gyms, cooking classes and yoga centers.

Your not tech savy

Still dont know how to download an app or worse you dont own a smart phone? Most of the issues you have with tech can be solved with a quick google search and there are many people your age coming online every day. But maybe you dating efforts are best concentrated at the bingo table.

You don’t get it

Taking things to seriously can ruin your confidence or lead to the wrong assumptions and missed opportunities.

Example: Girls/guys says awful things about you online, you get upset and rage back making yourself look even worse. Or they don’t respond to your witty first comment on a dating site and you wrongly assume it’s because of your ugly photo and that nobody will ever want to date you because of it. Instead of feeling forever alone get out there and ask people face to face in bars for honesty. What you will find is a wonderful mixture of good bad and ugly. It’s life, some people will find you ugly but the good news is that lots of others will find you truly amazing!

Online anonymous behavior leads to disgusting sides of human beings to creep out. Understand the internet is a strange filtered and distilled representation of humanity. You are not getting the full story of a women from one profile or photo and they are not getting the full story from you so don’t take judgment and make judgement based on it seriously. It’s only until you meet them in real life can you start to understand who they are.


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