Online Dating – Are We More Than Friends?

Online Dating – Are We More Than Friends?
It’s easy when you are dating in the real world to know if a girl is into you because it’s just so obvious. She will change the way her eyes look at you, play with her hair and her body language will be visibly different.

But what about online dating? You can’t see any of those things so how will you know if a girl is into you?
Online Dating sites certainly make the whole process much quicker but at times it can complicate things. How can you be sure where you stand with women or if all this chatting is just fun and games?
When you are chatting with someone within an online date site you will likely have never met them before so you wont know much about each other.
To determine if you are more than friends in an online dating environment – all you’ve got to go on is the frequency and content of your messages.
Over time you will get good at feeling the emotion come through in their messages. If you are getting words like “love to see you” “cant wait to see you” or “missed you” it is a good sign she is becoming emotionally connected.
If the messages are vauge and disconnected you can be sure she is having multiple conversations with many guys and probably can’t remember the last conversation you had together. Many women trawl online dating sites for the addictive attention they receive from men. These are not the women you want to be chatting with.
The transition for acquaintance to friends usually goes through the introduction phase – trust building phase – secrets and confession phase.
Once your somewhat anonymous online dating friend starts divulging secrets about their past it’s usually a pretty good sign that they know now enough about your to trust you. (or they might just be insecure haha…)
That change from casual to a more personal chat is the transition – it’s the personal (dirty talk) chat but the “I now care
what you have to say” chat.
If your looking to move the online dating conversation onto a more personal level and your not sure if they are ready it will be very obvious in the next encounter. They will either act differently, change the subject or even not contact you again. In that case you went balls in way to early and probably asked her to come over to you house. Wrong thing to say to a person who has never seen you.
To ease through the acquaintance to friends transition quicker and smoother keep the conversation light and casual when you chat. Joke about meeting offline and see how she takes it. If you get resistance you can fall back on the joke as if it were a crazy thing to suggest.
Pay close attention to the words she is using when she responds to your advances. These are your ques to either pull back on the advance for awhile or go full steam ahead.

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