Online Dating Communication – Inference Can Be Costly

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In the world of online dating you rarely have the whole picture or whole story about someone. Dating communication is often carried out through a series of emails and direct messaging.
It is not through direct face to face contact and as a result you assume a lot about your prospective date.
You have to assume a lot about not only who they are as a person in real life but also what there words really mean.
Some people tend to use a lot of sarcasm in their voice while others are very literal.
You have to make the decision how you are going to translate the text into emotion. You can frame it in a positive of negative way – that’s your choice.
Online daters are misinterpreting what other online daters are saying every single second of every day. A guy might make a joke about a womens size,the women takes it to heart and stops all communication. The guy not realising the female has body issues thinks she is weird for taking it so seriously.
Who knows what might have happened if there was just a touch more information and communication rather than snap judgements.
You also have to trust that they are who they say they are. This process of inference and trust building through messaging and then perhaps a video chat is quite different from the normal real life seduction process.
The normal seduction process relies heavily on non verbal ques and body language.
Without these online dating is really all about getting contacts and seducing offline.
So make sure you use online dating for what it’s really great at – connecting with local singles, and not for seducing women.
That should be left for later when you have all of human senses at play. You can use flirting and body language.
Plus you can make sure she doesn’t misinterpret your humour.
So as a quick conclusion to online dating communication:
Make sure you are not giving women any reason to misinterpret what you are saying.
Be clear with your explanations and chat. If you think they are not getting where you are coming from ask them and explain.
Dont make any snap judgements of decisions based on a small comment that hit a nerve. First make sure they were not joking or meaning something completely different.
This should save you from missing out on a ton of dates.
Use video chat where possible so that you can really see how your online date is reacting.
They may actually be quite unimpressed with your small talk or humour.
Online dating communication can be tough due to inferences and guesswork. Take the guesswork out through better descriptions and explanations of your real intentions.
Ensure your contacts are getting the real picture through the haze of text speech, colloquial language and jokes.

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