Online Dating Drawbacks

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Drawbacks of online dating: One of the main benefits of online dating for men is the elimination of rejection. You can sling emails to single women all over the globe and actually get valid responses. It somewhat levels the playing field which is great for some guys and not so great for others that are actually better off sticking to offline dating.
Women avoid the announce of getting hit up sexually by a drunk guy or like men are able to email hot guys despite their looks. Yes there is such a thing as an unattractive women online looking to punch above her weight very often she will. The sheer number of horny lads makes that task all to easy.
Online dating does so many things well and the owners and developers are adding new feature every day. However there are some big draw backs to using online dating.
CHEMISTRY has to one of the biggest draw backs. The only thing you end up wasting is time but it sure does suck when you figure out that your online “match” isn’t actually matched to you at all. Complete incompatibility can and does occur on a regular basis with online dating and it is the result of singles not being able to be in the presence of the person before they agree to a date.
Offline this is the way that a man and women figure out whether they are interested… Online you have very little clue as to the mannerisms and quirks of your match. The closest thing you can come to real life with online dating is perhaps video chatting.
ABUSERS like every system you will have idiots looking to get something for nothing. The greatest strength and greatest drawback of the web is because it is open to everyone. Which means Solomon king from Senegal can pose as Matilida Lovegood from California and chat to you just like anyone else. This does not occur much, if at all on quality professional dating sites such as eHarmony but you might want to double check if you’re using plenty of fish!
Women would argue that there is another drawback to online dating… especially free dating and that is the sexuality of men. Because the web is much more anonymous than offline dating men seem to feel even more willing to send sexuality explicit pictures and emails to women they have yet to even say hi to.
This occurs most frequently in free sites and if you use a quality paid dating sites then you shouldn’t be troubled by such news (unless your into that) – there’s always a casual dating site for that sort of thing.
Online dating seems to attract it’s fair share of socially immature and inadequate singles but it’s not always the guys that are to blame. Young girls seem to flock to free sites because of the social nature and attention yet they are rarely mature enough to hold any sort of rational conversation with.
If you are at all skeptic of online dating but still want to check it out then create a persona for yourself. This involves a nickname with slightly different information about yourself. Do not lie about your height weight and personality but just keep that private info held back until you are ready. Most paid sites from the people network allow you to jog along anonymously for awhile until you jump on for the ride… eg (black people meet, bb people meet)
So apart from any communication you might have online you don’t have much else to go on when it comes to user validity. If they offer up a facbook account then you add them as friends your as close as it gets to online truth.
Exercise good judgment online… It’s easy to get lost in the thrill of the chase when you are chatting with a hot women online that you just met. If you get noticed and emailed by a potential date you might just start acting irrationally. Do you know who this person is? What are their motives?
In most cases users online are simply out to express themselves and find new love. Singles just want new amazing experiences and if you can give it to them then you’re in a position to impress.
Requesting facebook access and new photos or skype should not be seen as being paranoid. You just want all the facts before you making your decision to go on the date. These practices becoming more mainstream as we represesnt ourselves virtually online. Currently facbook and skype are your best free tools for checking out a guy/girl before the first meeting.
Yes of course online dating has it’s draw backs, everything does… but if you bring your common sense and add a touch of precaution you might just snag yourself an amazing new girlfriend

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