Online Dating – eHarmony Success Story Madness


Thought this would brighten up your day like it did mine. This was created by mad TV as a comedy spoof  of all of the eHarmony  “Success Stories”
I have nothing against eharmony of course, they do a great job. But as is standard practice among dating sites they do NOT do any background checks on users so you could end up with a MONKEY!
Did you know that according to Harris Interactive Research 2008


People get married as a result of eHarmony…

Every Day!

As far as I’m concerned thats insane I mean thats alot of people getting married in a day anyway but from one site?
Well Done EHarmony!

Check out eHarmony above (doesn’t matter if your not from AUS it will send you to the right page)
Hope you enjoyed the video add a comment below!

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