Online Dating For Seniors: Eliminate Loneliness And Find Love Again


Loneliness and depression can creep into your life as you get older, especially if you are alone.
You may be slightly removed from society or feel disconnected from reality.
As loved ones pass away, children leave and old friends drift off you start to feel very very alone. This sense of loneliness can invade your very soul and bring about patches of depression.
If you are not active daily you mood can fluctuate and without a loved one to live for some days there is little motivation to keep you going.
Work can drag on and you have to cook for one every night of the week… What if there was that special someone In your life that brightened up your day and made everything worth it?
Nobody should have to deal with being alone for any stretch of time and luckily you don’t have to.
A relationship can completely change your life and give you a reason to strive forward and better yourself. If you find loneliness creeping into your day to day emotions you are more than ready for a new relationship.
There are many suggestions on this blog about what to do about getting a partner.
As you get older you might just be interested in finding an “activity partner”.
This is a person that is simply interested in hanging out with you. Perhaps you go to shows or events together on the weekend. They can really help you to put things in perspective – it’s amazing what another human being can do to your spirits. Even if they are simply listening to you talk.
Whatever age group you call yourself “mature” “senior” “young at heart” love can conquer all and it simply comes down to having someone else there in your presence.
Alleviating the isolation you feel can be done from the comfort of your own home via sites such as Mature Dating UK or senior people meet.
There are plenty of sites like this around and they have many older people like yourself that long for a relationship again. You can specify your intent as serious or casual and you can also go on the look out for a pen pal or activity partner.
This interaction with other new seniors in your situation is exiting and can help to break up the week.
You might find yourself DATING again!
Set up a date with someone you have been chatting with on the site for the weekend and who knows you could be feeling 20 again soon.
Did you know that you can actually increase your life expectancy just by being with another person? Scientific studies have proven that couples live longer than divorcees and widowers. They have even found that happily married seniors have a reduced risk of disease when compared to similar seniors that are not married.
There is no question that having a loved one in your life can make you feel amazing and energetic again.
But where do you go in this world to find someone?
Well you have to get out their and get active in your community!
Flower and gardening shows are great places to meet other mature singles or just to find good company.
Mature sporting events such as walking, bowls, board games and golf are also good places to increase your chances.
Seniors like yourself are growing rapidly as a demographic online so don’t feel as though you are the only one! There are literally millions of other singles like yourself all over the world using online dating as a means of finding love and connection in this disconnected world. However thanks to sites like face book and the internet itself it’s making it easier and easier every day.
So how does the processes work? Well it couldn’t be easier – I am assuming you know how to get around the web because you are reading this article. Well you simply navigate to a page such as Mature Dating UK and fill in your details…

This will typically be information such as:

Date of birth
If you don’t have an email you can get a free one at or
Once you register for the site they will ask if you want to become a paid member… it will typically cost around $30 US a month but if you pay for more months in advance you can get it much cheaper.
If money is a problem for you there are free options online like plenty, oasis and however theses sites are not geared towards seniors and the quality of the experience will not be as good.
Once you have paid you will then be able to contact other users. It might pay to search around the site before you pay. Simply click on the search button once you login and then select your location , age range and gender . You may also be able to put in your zip code and county to get very localised matches.
A list of seniors will then pop up (depending on your filtering options) and you can click on their profiles. Read a little about there background and decide if you would like to hang out and get to know them more… It really is that simple… not to mention FUN.
The thought of eliminating your anxiety and loneliness once and for all from the comfort of your own home is a real thrill especially for most seniors who are new to the internet.
Don’t forget to fill in your personal profile by clicking on EDIT PROFILE…
You can upload pictures of yourself and let other singles in your area know all about you. Add your hobbies, dreams and intent. If you are just looking for an activity partner then be sure to put that down. Don’t worry if you get it wrong first time as you can always go back and edit it again.

Other sites that you could look into:, and
Senior dating has been growing for a few years now so there should be plenty of singles in your area to contact.
Be sure to check out Mature Dating UK , senior friend finder, and Senior People Meet

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