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dating myths

As one enters the virtual dating world several things start to happen depending on their own experiences. The problem occurs when one guy has an amazing experience with a women and judges the whole online scene on this experience.
Likewise this can happen with a guy that has a horrible experience and starts to paint the whole scene black because he got shafted by some ill cultured devil women.
You need real test data before you can make an informed decision about whether online dating will work for you. Signing up for a free site and throwing up a fake pic is NOT giving the online dating site a good chance of proving fruitful.
It’s easy to jump on the hate bandwagon and suggest that you can never find love through a virtual service or you could never set up casual encounters online. You need to base your own decision on real life experience through multiple dating sites.
Eliminate any preconceived ideas you might have about the webs ability to match you and allow it to prove itself. Your circle of friends is very small compared to the potential pool of amazing women out their waiting for you.
To make dating through the web successful for you – reaffirm what you want out if it. If you are simply interested in casualsex don’t bother heading over to eHarmony… It’l be a pretty good waste of time and money on your part. If your want marriage and kids in the near future and want to plan for a family then by all means try eHarmony or match…
Matching the right type of dating site to your intent and personality is important. If you like the idea of free dating with really great matching and interaction tools look no further than okcupid.

  • If you want rough and ready free dating – plenty of fish
  • If you want free social network style dating – oasis active
  • If you want quality singles and a quality end result pay for a service like vip singles
  • Fun dating with outgoing singles – girls date for free or cupid
  • Single moms? – single parent meet
  • Mature dating in the uk? Mature dating uk .com

You get the picture right? If you want to date more adventurous singles for casual sex you have to go for the gold membership over at be naughty or fling. This site WILL impress and it can really help out your sex life if your willing to be flexible.
If you live in a big city you honestly will be spoilt for choice as far as women interested in no strings attached dating.


There are not enough women:

Some guys go into dating with the idea that women are some sort of godly type archangel being that need not use online dating sites at all. Like they get so much attention in their offline lives that they would have no need to stoop so low as to use the internet. This is obviously ridiculous and clearly deluded.
Some women get next to NO attention from guys and the one thing they would LOVE is a little bit of attention. Women, just like men, need that balance of friends family love and lust. Online dating is an efficient and easy to use platform for open and social communication.
On some site there are a lot more guys than girls but you would be surprised… Most paid sites offer up at least 60:40 if not very close to 50:50

Women don’t want casual sex or casual dating

Another myth created in the minds of men is the whole idea that women somehow don’t have libido’s.
Women wrote the book on what’s sexy guys… Women selected for sexual traits. They are very sexual and are also very open to casual sex if their needs are met (safety trust security)
Call yourself BUCK FUDDY and go try your luck on any casual dating site – I guarantee you will be surprised at the number of women close by that are keen to at least get to know you.
The more desirable you come across the more views you will get but there are women for every shape and size.

Dating sites are full of fake profiles and weirdo’s:

You will find your fair share of gay lesbian alternative and fake profiles but the majority (95%) of the sites (PAID) will have amazing attractive real and vibrant singles waiting to meet you.
I’m talking about doctors lawyers and everyday people that just want more interaction and fun in their lives.
It’s people that are scared to jump in and give it a go that are missing out – they are ones that sit on the sideline and laugh while they create the fake profile on the side to see what they are missing out on.
If your still reading this then your lingering…

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