Online Dating Personalities

People arrive at dating sites such as plentyoffish from far and wide and as a result they have different personalities and personas online. Here is an attempt to categories these different online personalities so that you can get an idea as to why they are reacting the way they are.
Often you will discover that it’s not you who’s acting weird but these crazy personalities that are either starved for attention or have some past issues that they are dealing with. Understanding different personalities online can help you deal with them and even manipulate them to your will.
Sidenote: These online dating personalities that you will eventually find are based on annoying attributes of people so keep in mind that it’s based on the negatives side of peoples personalities. There are of course also lovely people online that do not act like this.

The Whinger Or Crybaby

They will constantly whine and cry to build up enough guilt to make you say yes. They understand the power of not only tears but sympathy too. Deal with the crybaby by waiting it out… Be companionate and understanding but don’t feel that it is your duty to solve their problems. They likely already know the solutions and are simply using their issues to manipulate you.

The Rager

They love to yell and scream and rarely think about the point of view of the person they are arguing with. Their mission is to out yell the other person or wear them out over time.
It’s useless to fight with these people as they are not interested in resolution. You cant afford to fight back and yell harder because this person never loses at their own game. Rather than fighting fire with fire bring water or ice to battle. Be still, calm and pleasant and help them articulate their argument better while stating yours clearly. Let them scream it out.

The Manipulator

These are often women who are undoubtedly experts in the game of manipulation. They will bend the argument to their will by bringing up facts from years ago to strengthen their argument.
They will gossip behind your back and start rumours to strengthen their following and argument against you. Being logical and rational rarely works with a women (or man) like this.
Getting angry and frustrated at their immoral manipulative practice will only exhaust you and fuel their fire. Be persistent, simply and clearly state your objective of why you are doing what your doing. The smart manipulator will soon catch on that you are on to her tricks.

The Feminist

Her every move is a defensive one against men. They think that men are evil and have been out to suppress women for thousands of years. Their motto will be something like “chicks rule… deal with it” and will make you feel ashamed about being a guy.
They don’t hope for equality of genders but that women will some day end up ruling with an iron fist.
It’s easy to bring this women back to reality by restating the actions you have taken with her and that you have never tried to manipulate or hurt her. She will jump back to facts about male history, restate the reality of your relationship in the present.
The feminist will often be slightly boyish perhaps even a bit “tree hugger”. They pride themselves on being independent of men so rarely have boyfriends even though they long for comfort.

The Victim

Online dating sites such as plenty of fish are full of personalities such as the victim. They have this sense of narcissism or elitism because of their past and all the battles they have gone through in life. They constantly make excuses for why they are the victim in every situation and expect sympathy as a result.
Of course everyone is against her and when you pair a victim with a feminist you get a women that you don’t want to go anywhere near.
The victim will have a host of emotional and personality flaws that you don’t want to be a part of. Understand that there are plenty of fish in the sea and trying to fix her issues might end up hurting you more than it benefits her.

Emotional Absorber

They are so emotionally insecure that they need constant reassurance about their beauty and self worth. They will wake you up at night and want to chat about emotional issues and the relationship. They will absorb all of your emotional energy and they will rely on you for that support.
These women can often be very lovely people and just need help until they sort themselves out. Hold them and let them know how wonderful they are.
These personalities obviously relate to the real world of dating but the headline suggest that you will find them online.
What I am trying to hint at here is that there is no difference in the people offline and online. They are the same person with the same attributes and issues. You wont be able to see them and talk to them like I have suggested above but there issues will still be obvious in their profiles and chat.
Online sites such as plenty of fish WILL have men and women with personalities like this. Spotting them online can be difficult. Try video chatting with them for a decent amount of time so that you can ask them about themselves.
In the end though it will pay to not have theses negative thoughts in your head about people because you will have a habit of spotting them in everyone. Be positive when you date in any situation and simply be aware that there are some people online and offline that have issues that you are going to have to deal with.

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