Online Dating Profile Research: Your Ultimate Guide

The toughest thing about this online dating world is the lack of intimacy… it is great for connecting people faster than any other platform available however do your really know someone that well just by chatting to them or emailing them?

The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating Profile Research


There is no way to be for certain that this person is worth a date until you meet them in person so there is an element of  risk as with most dating situations.

Will their online dating profile really be a true representation of  who they are and how they act. The chemistry between two people is hard to put into words and is something that is likely to either happen or not without your having any control over it!

Again this is a risk you are going to have to take…

But first try really getting to know the them  before moving from the virtual to real dating world.


Skype is a great way to determine the personality of your virtual romance, video chat really increases the connection and intimacy between two people.

Call them up and chat on the phone

Reading their profiles is not really going to cut it as far as being enough information to judge a further date. Take things further virtually first for safety and time saving first

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