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Before you start writing out your profile on a site like black people meet .com you will want to have a think about how you want to be portrayed online. Filling out a profile is easy if you know what kind of person you are but most daters have trouble filling out fields like “aspirations” and “goals” or even “interests”… Taking the time to look back on your life and remember the times that made you laugh are not only useful for other daters but invaluable for your sense of self.
Most people skip this self reflection step and simply fill in the blanks with vague information such as
I like to travel and walk my dog in the park in the weekend…
Come on… really?
Everybody likes to travel at some point in their life and most people have dogs… what REALLY sets you apart and makes you unique.
If this means you let the world know that you can be super annoying in certain situations and amazing in others then so be it…
At least your being honest right?
Unless you out to get lucky and willing to lie about yourself because long term relationship emotions wont influence the selection process… ahem……ahem…….
Then you are going to want to be honest but positive: Once the reflection stage is over you should have a pretty good idea of the types of words you want to use to describe yourself.
In the end it’s about compatibility: Not romantic chemistry compatibility but – CAN you actually live with this person and deal with the stresses of life without blaming and taking it out on them.
Sadly most singles are too desperate to find someone to fill the huge gap in their emotional life that they don’t put in the time to find someone that really gets them. The first guy or girl that gives them attention is usually good enough… That’s just not how it works sadly.
So the right attitude is very important when updating or creating your dating profile.
Just a heads up: misrepresentations of yourself are not a great way to kick of a relationship. Personal information is easy to fill out because you already know all the facts… so just fill them out!
Women (and men) connect with faces: Your photo is really all they have got to make a judgement on who you are… And they WILL be judging. So choose your profile picture carefully – but also upload other funny or fun images or yourself so they can check out how cool you really are.
Members of the site wont be looking at your GPA or even annual income they will be scanning (quickly) down the page of their matches at the images of faces.
Don’t get to hung up over what you look like just put your best face forward and hope for the best.
Profile Photo Tips:

You should – Take pictures of yourself only, take both face and body shots, use a variety of locations and images (3 replicates of you staring longingly into the camera comes off creeeepy), Take quality pictures, No nude shots (dress appropriately)
The black people meet greeting feature.
What greeting would you use? Relax, this is a place for you to express yourself and attract the singles that you will get on well with. Let your unique nature and personality come out in the greeting
Greetings can be updated… almost like a facebook status so update them regularly. If spelling and grammar are not your thing then that’s fine but you SHOULD take the time to spell every correctly unless your going for txt language effect (e.g. that’s just who you are) But hey if miss spelling everything is “who you are” then you might want to reassess a few things. (but I cant speak, most of these articles are full of grammar mistakes… you get the point and if they do that’s cool)
Not everyone uses a voice greeting but it is something that should be implemented to attract more attention. Video and Audio features within black people meet are a great way to express yourself to other members on the site. All you need is a telephone to create your first voice greeting.
More and more people are uploading their own videos to youtube and facebook – you can do the same at blackpeoplemeet to show off and let the world know what your looking for. If you’re a bit shy in front of screen then forget about this feature and get messaging.
Black people meet personality test: This is where singles can really find out what makes you tick. The test is very simple and allows vital feedback to be shared with others.
Extrovert? Introvert? Cultured? Sporty? Loves To Dance?
Fill out the personality test honestly and you will have singles emailing you regarding how you answered. Women will respect the fact that you are being honest and taking dating seriously rather than leaving important tests like this blank.
Message Ideas on black people meet are a GREAT way to let other singles know how to approach you. If you know a profile is interested in you – you can send them a message idea to help them out.
It is no surprise that black singles LOVE to express and customize their environment. Black people meet allows you to change icons ad profile backgrounds to suit your style.
Goodbye white… Hello lime green?


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