Online Dating Rules And Degrees Of Conformity

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There are certain societal rules and expectations and they differ for both men and women. If you are a 40 year old guy women expect that you are at least somewhat financially secure.
They also expect that you have been in at least one serious relationship and know what it takes to deal the problems in life that tend to arise over time. This does not mean that you have to be a master of change and rolling in cash but there IS a degree of responsibility and earning power that is expected of you.
It’s great to have some degree of non conformity and if it works for you it can be extremely attractive, you are striking out on your own and taking control of your life. But there is a point where non conformity meets quiet desperation and near insanity. What I mean is, you might love the fact that you are different as this defines who you are but if you are looking for an attractive single women they will have a subconscious set of rules that you need to meet.
They are very aware that if you have children she will need to be protected and financially supported for a period of time. If you are a 38 year old man with no career prospects there will be a big cross next to your name despite your good intentions. Money has become one of the definitions of success in todays society. Or though you don’t need lot’s of money to attract women as I mentioned in the previous post if you really want to keep the women of your dreams your going to need to display some ability to provide.
There are other conformities to social norms that if veered from will hurt your dating success. It will hurt your dating success that is if you are attempting to attract the norm. I am sure you can find other non conformists that share your life goals and beliefs.
There are attributes of a man that women will be expecting. Certain alarm bells will ring if they find:
That you still live at home past 25
That you don’t own your own car or have no ability to move around via public transport
That you have no job or are not at college/university
You drink and smoke heavily
Everyone is forced to deal with certain expectations of life and unfortunately your degree of non conformity (if it has a negative impact on your ability to provide) will hurt your chances of finding love with the “norm”.
We are not talking about positive non conformity which massively increases your chances of attracting hot women. is an example of positive non conformity.

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