Online Flirting: Lips And Lifestyle Change

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How does one flirt online when the communication is via email? Your words and emotions can be misconstrued so easily.
You run the risk of coming across as seedy or not interested with every email…
How do you flirt online?
Well according to the badoo blog you should be complimenting women on their lips and what they are wearing.
This data has come from the results of 80 million + registered daters!
They suggest that you stay away from lines such as as:
“What’s a nice girl like you doing in a chat room like this?”
And instead use, “that dress looks great on you” or “I cant stop looking in to those eyes” Still a little lame of course…
You are running the risk of your lines sounding weak because you cant instil any emotion into them.
This is why all online flirting should be kept to a minimum unless it comes naturally to the two of you. What I mean is do not force the flirting to happen – online dating sites and social networking sites are great for connecting people BUT the save the flirting for the offline dates.
If you feel like you must flirt to move the online relationship forward using the line
“you have beautiful lips”
apparently works the best. Seems an odd thing to say but according to the dating site statistics it was the most successful.
The hot lips line worked in all countries and languages too.
Other online flirting lines work too: If you live in America Australia or the UK the old faithful comment on the dress works very well.
“You look great in that dress/ skirt” etc
Spanish Italian Mexican women love to be told that their hair looks amazing
Even compliments on the skin and ears seem to draw attention!
If in doubt stick to flirtations that are safe (dress, hair perhaps lips)
If you feel that complimenting someone you don’t know yet on the shape of their lips is weird then trust yourself and leave it out until you get to the first date.
Spend those email characters on letting them know that your real / normal and ready to get to know them at a local cafe before you jump the gun and tell her she is beautiful.
Every women wants to be told how amazing she looks but not from an introductory email by a guy she has never met.
I mean if you can pull it off and pull the girl more credit to you but in reality she will have her guard up.
She will be questioning your motive for complimenting her so early in the relationship. If the flirt comes across as casual and authentic (hard to do with text alone) then you have reached the zenith.
Rather than working yourself up over types of flirting lines adopt a more complimentary personality as a whole. This works because your flirts are authentic, not forced, well timed and accepted.
You flirt and compliment because you want the other person to feel good about themselves as a result not just to get laid. Once you have reached a point where it is easy to flirt with women and create sexual tension you will find you will do with most people you meet.
Something as simple as extended eye contact forms a small priceless bond and cheers that persons life up just a little bit. Flirting doesn’t always have to be of a sexual nature! But it almost always leads to that if both parties are open to it.
Online Flirting is a touchy subject because to many guys get the impression that they can substitute in online flirting for real flirting and get away with it… Yes let them  know they look good in their profile picture or their voice sounds great on the phone but come on… The real work begins when you meet them.
Spend you time where it counts – First / Second / Third date
Develop that magnetic loving personality and you will never have any trouble attracting women
If this means you need to create a reason to smile then create or develop one:

  • Quit you job and live your passion
  • Leave your friends and the pub behind
  • Quit smoking and Drinking
  • Read up on zen habits and art of less is more

You might be an  overly negative person right now – you could be looking for an easy out just like a quick drink gets you an easy state change (happiness)
But in the long run it harms who you want and need to be… If you really want to be in a  loving relationship flirting CAN help you but one liners will only get you so far.
Developing that confident loving personality you see in the movies is not a romantic dream but a reality for the people who choose to pursue it.
Personality defines you and what feels natural to you should be the path you follow: But your personality is also defined by your diet and life choices.
Some life choices negatively affect your ability to be that loving flirtatious and sexy man that women want…
Are you prepared to sacrifice short term state changes (beer, cigarettes, bad food) so you can sooner rather than later have “long term happiness?”
You will be surprised what you can do in 3 months!
E.G you COULD be doing this (while still going to your normal job) for 3 months to discover your real potential

  • P90X diet and workout
  • Read The Fourhourbody by tim ferris
  • Approach a women a day
  • Work on a muse for 2 hours every day

Most people wont which is why pick up lines/diets/lotto  are so popular. They are easy outs…

PL Challenge:

Self observe the choices you take for one week and write them down
It could be that you buy coke instead of vegetable juice because you like the sugar high
It could be that you dont smile and compliment the checkout chick at the market but rather you stare at your shoes and mumble a thanks under your breath
Perhaps you go to the pub and gamble your weeks earnings rather than going home to your wife and letting her know she is amazing

So what I’m really saying is that flirting is a lifestyle change…  You become a good flirter by doing it daily. You develop that magnetic personality by practicing  being that loving person to everyone you meet… Not just the girl/guy you wanna bang!
Now fuck off and get to work

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