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Welcome to one of the best online dating pickup courses online today
It’s called The Online Dating Game – Internet Attraction System
Facebook Myspace Twitter Orkut – this is how we communicate now. Learn how to master these online properties for dating
success and you will have more women to date than you can deal with.
Most, if not all seduction books focus on offline dating – Here a system you can use from the comfort of your own home.
Online dating is huge but you won’t have to shell out one cent if you understand how to leverage social media properties to find women.

This is not just one big eBook of internet dating advice – You also get audio and even 1 on 1 coaching from the author himself! This is just not offered anywhere else. If you currently have the common fear of approaching women or just think real dating will not work for you then internet dating advice from a guy who has found a way to unlock the social sites for dating purposes is a great place to start.
His name is Derek Lamont and by the end of your time with him you will be a master of online seduction. You get that guarantee from him but you also get free lifetime updates.
Derek Lamont Online Pickup Secrets

This is the only dating product you will need for online seduction of women. Online Pickup Secrets includes a comprehensive database of walkthroughs and play by play encounters with women online. If you don’t believe me do you believe these companies?

– Featured on CCN, Playboy and FHM

The only negatives I see are that the information is not free and it might take a couple of weeks to get good at the system.
If you are currently struggling to attract women online or move things further than the virtual world then this online attraction system will unhinge you from a few sticking points. There will only be a few things you are doing or NOT doing that will be the only reason why you are not pulling loads of girls via social media sites like facebook and myspace.
The thing is a women’s emotions are the same whether she is online or not : dating success online is really analogous to offline dating.
What I mean here is a women’s attraction does not change, a women is still attracted to the online alpha male. She is still attracted to one who has power and is not needy. So how do you convey these qualities when you can’t even talk to her face to face? (you can actually video chat now)
Online dating is MUCH faster than offline dating – The skills required to attract women online are a little different the offline so you will need to be aware of this.
You will need to master the art of appearing dominant, indifferent , alpha, confident , honest , and real without actually trying. This is tough to do which is why you need to learn from the masters.
How do you come across confident in a mail message without actually saying

by the way … ehem I’m confident…?

ha-ha obviously not like that…
You use SUBTLE subconscious ques and psychological dominance. This all sounds pretty tech but Derek Lamont outline exactly how to charm a women using text alone in Online Pickup Secrets
Men have been charming women with letters for centuries so you can be sure using the written word online does work to seduce women.
Plus you don’t have to make a fool of yourself by attempting to seduce her in real life with a cold approach. If she is not interested you don’t get shot down, If she is then you’re in… I like those odds.
So that is why when you message a woman online you have to remember to constantly remind her that YOU are a confident, funny and interesting alpha male and that’s why she needs to get to know you better!
Keep in mind who you will be learning from!
This guy is NOT some amazing offline charmer who already knew how to act around women. He was actually an ex computer nerd that pulled in more than 400 dates all through online dating. Now that’s pretty awesome huh, and it’s all inside the online game.

So what do you actually have to do to charm women online?

First of all you need to stand out from the crowd… And there is a BIG crowd of men online which makes dereks advice all the more vital for your success.
You must actually BE amusing and interesting to online women
You need to learn to convey your energy through your online direct messages.
There are certain ways to write that get higher response rates, certain words to use that trigger excitement and attraction in women. Use these specific emotional words in your emails to seduce women online.
One of the most useful forms of triggering attraction in women is body language; the only way you can show this is in your
profile picture… you better not screw it up!
Attractive women are hopelessly drawn to the alpha man. Whether he is acting like a dick in your eyes or not should not be your concern. No matter what they say this is what women find attractive just like we are hopelessly drawn to attractive women.
In order to attract women online you need to portray a high social status among the online community – do NOT fake this.
Derek Lamont knows just how to do this and talks about it in depth within Online Pickup Secrets
Do not be scared to give the most attractive women online a direct message! Make fun of her hair in a funny sort of way and she will respond back. Making fun of her most prized asset indicates you are not scared or intimated by her beauty!
Of course your not…

You’re the alpha male remember?

Seducing women online is tough and going in cold without any skills or insights can be disastrous. If you really want to attract women online then you might as well do it right. There are right and wrong ways to email hot women online…
I know Derek has tested his emails over and over and they just work period. For psychological and emotional reasons his way of attracting women online works. His information and coaching is what you need to succeed with women online. Of course you could always try trial and error for weeks but getting shot down kinda sucks. But Hey you might get lucky…

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