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Online game is NOT a replacement for cold approaches…
Often times guys will use this as a substitute!
Use online dating as a simple way to help out your dating efforts but do not rely on it! is the best site online for online dating – get on their, set up a profile and email the girls that are in your area.
When your inside pof don’t message girls looking for intimate encounters as you will get banned from messaging other women for regular dates.


See it from her perspective – look at your profile from a womens point of view!
Check out other guys profiles and imagine you were a chick ready to email them… It’s weird but it will give you an idea about how your profile comes across to her.
If you have a weird subject line or a weird photo it’s likely your inbox is empty… Split test some photo angles and different shots of yourself.


Don’t use the subject lines

  1. Hey
  2. Nice Guy Looking For Nice Girl
  3. Nice guy looking for fun
  4. Hows it going
  5. Hi

Use Instead

  1. The guy your mother warned you about
  2. Not weird or creepy like every other guy on here
  3. I taught cupid everything he knows
  4. I’m kind of an asshole (best)

It’s all about the PICTURE – test your head shots and other images in your album
Use full body – or pictues of you doing something fun.

ABOUT ME: (tested)

Short and sweet!
Keep it funny and a bit cheeky and arrogent
They need to live up to your standards!
Downplay your cool shit (but mentioned it) “i was in vegas last week”
Guess the secret works… (or something spiritual)
Do not message me if your a

  • stripper
  • bartender
  • Scorpio
  • girl with implants

Once again it infers you are pre-selecting before they even know you.


bust her balls about her picture (in a nice way) or suggest that you didn’t take them for the shy type!
“hey you visited my profile and didn’t email me… I didn’t take you for the shy type”
“Guess I scared you off with that last email… Probably just as well… scorpio women are crazy… it never works out!”
Get in early on what she will likely say to you such as:

I just want to let you know… where not having sex tonight…

Because you said it first it’s going to help you by giving you the upper hand.

I hope my cat likes you

Because if not it’s not going to work – eg your not invested in the situation or relationship hence have high value.
(even though mine is terrible) yours should be good as it represents your speech and your education.
Cheers bravo:

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