Online Offline Transition – First Date Blues

It’s easy enough to sign up for a free online dating site like plenty of fish or oasis active and email a few profiles but it’s a whole different story when your trying to transition from online to offline. Setting up that offline date and really connecting with them for the first time can be a nerve racking experience.
First of just the fact that you have met them online might feel a bit weird. It’s pretty much like a blind date because they could look different than their profile picture.
You don’t really have any idea how their personality is going to match yours so awkward silences and weird pauses could start creeping in. If they are super hot you will almost certainly be nervous and apprehensive about your whether they will like you. YOU might have put on a few extra pounds since you took the picture of yourself so they could be a little let down. They might not even show up!
You can only get to know someone online so much before you need to see them in person. There is something about being in the physical presence of someone that enables you to ascertain who they really are. That word and feeling we call “chemistry” cannot be created online with the exception of perhaps video chat.
This is all means that he first encounter from your online endeavours is important to the longevity and success of the relationship. Sometimes no matter how hard you try it just wont work for any number of reasons but for the most part you have control over the outcome. You need to show up to that first date with your games face on and show them your good side.
You need to be relaxed and positive about the encounter and be prepared to open up and let him/her get to know you. They will be seizing you up just as much as you are doing it to them so let them have it. Hold back the crazy life story if you can help it but hobbies interests jobs and travel experiences are a good place to start.
First date from online dating locations can often make or break the experience for the both of you. You want the exchange to have a relaxed and easy going flow to it. The less pressure to impress and perform the better. Steering clear of interview type lunch dates are also a good idea just because they can be kind of pretentious.
It shouldn’t be about listing your previous life accomplishments and suitability but rather about your personality and emotional suitability. Because these topics are often to deep for a first date it ends up being somewhat of an exchange of “life resumes”. Christ why have we gotten so dame efficient?

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