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The idea of “personals” has been along for a very long time… people used to (and still do) pay for a short ad in the paper advertising themselves. This gave online personals a weird stigma that hovered around to this day but alot of that has boiled off in the last few years.
The reality of online personals now is that it’s just another way of connecting with people.
In the end you are selling yourself to the other singles on the site  but its not seen like that anymore… This is a good  thing. Online personals is like an open facebook!
However many online daters have forgotten that the point of creating a profile in the first place is to be able to express and describe yourself to others. There is little point in paying for a dating membership if your not going to upload images of yourself and let the members of the site know that you love vanilla flavored ice cream on a Sunday. You dont have to say much but the point of personals is to be personal. You dont have to think of it as selling yourself but you will have to fill in a headline that expresses who you are.
Rather than kicking of your personals headline with – Hi… how are ya?
Why not use:
Introvert Seeking Creative Adventures
Extrovert Looking For Some Wild Fun
Anything that hints at who you are and what your actually at the site for is a good idea. the hi how are ya lines should be reserved for perhaps the first line of an email.
If your committing to using a personals site then you are committing to letting the other members of the site know who you are. Express yourself by taking personality tests, uploading extra photos and listing passions and hobbies.

Personals sites available*

(*that are worthy of being listed) UK US
Long standing authority dating site… cant really go wrong with a site like – everything is set up well and where it’s supposed to be. The site is easy to navigate and intuitive. There is much going on behind the scenes as far as customer support and technology. A solid pick

Another long standing authority personals site… focused heavily on marriages and serious relationships. Excellent matching and personality features.
Also look into , eHarmonys social network dating site

Yahoo Personals

(pretty much eg

An offshoot of – provides in depth personality and scientific matching

People Meet Networks

segmentation of the dating industry
Black People Meet
BB People Meet
Senior People Meet
Single Parent Meet

VIP Singles

Matchmaking for the professional and rich – gathers leads and finds local matchmakers near you…

Mature Date UK

from the founders of be naughty and girls date for free, Cupid,  iSingles (a uk based online dating company)

Dream Marriage

Date a russian… speculations about fake profiles but they are still going strong and carried by all the networks so they must be legitimate.

Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle -Large christian dating – also see love and seek

powered by singlesnet
Many online personals sites require that you pay a monthly fee,  this is how they are able to bring your features such as video web chat and an amazing secure dating environment with personality tests.
Benefits of becoming a full member of Personals Sites

  • Sending, reading and replying to emails
  • Instant messaging with a webcam
  • Access chat rooms
  • Viewing all members’ full-sized photos

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    It was William Smith, a canal surveyor in England around 1800, who first realized
    that the same fossils would occur in the same layers of rocks all over England.
    But this online facility sources the matchmaking on personality and science.
    There is no better way of meeting like through Guam
    dating online, since it gives many choices to choose from, and the response is fast and immediate.

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