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Online video chatting – What is it? When did it become so popular and why?

Well, let’s find out…

Using your laptop or a mobile phone wasn’t always a cheap and practical way of communication. When you look at it better it wasn’t always even an option.

Many younger people recently of age or coming of age can clearly remember a time when calling someone more than twenty miles away cost a significant amount of money.  It wasn’t a leisure and free thing like today that anyone could’ve used.

Telephones, traditional parcel mail, telegraphs, and fax machines were the only instantaneous communications systems that were easily available to the public for many decades.

But, this changed rapidly in the years of 1995 and 1996 when massive upgrades have been made to the public computer systems and computer networking. Those upgrades made the Internet an easy to use and widely available tool for people out there.

Overnight, the concept of online video chatting, free real live cam chat, email, or instant messenger became a household concept.

The same thing happened the decade before when word processor and video games became popular thanks to advances in computers.

People embraced this technology because of its convenience over traditional telephones and older services. The other reason was that it gave people a way better outreach and a possibility to connect easily and freely.

What is Online Video Chatting?

Also referred to as live cam dating- this is a way of dating over the Internet, on a live video camera. The cam sites are set up to allow chatters to see each other as they speak using their webcam.

That way the communication with strangers became much safer and much more transparent. Long gone are the days when you had the option to use only chat websites and dread the possibility that the person on the other side is not who he /she is presenting themselves to be. Now you can both turn on your web cams and communicate for free while watching each other at the same time.

While online video chatting, you can decide if you want to meet someone for a date in the real life without even putting in serious effort. It gives you the option to really “get to know” someone before deciding to meet them in real life.

Free VS Paid Online Video Chats

There are live PAID and live FREE cam sites. In most cases, the paid sites are much better since they tend to guarantee that you are really speaking to human beings.  Some video chat rooms, especially paid ones require that members verify their identity. All in the name of better security and a better experience for their users.

Free live cam sites may not provide this quality. Moreover, the cost of running cams is rather high, so one cannot expect great service with a free cams website.

Some paid cam chat sites allow free membership, but if you want to use more advanced site features paid cam sites are a better option.

Paid online video chatting sites give you a much better chance of success, unlike the dating sites where you can use the free version and meet someone without the problem.

What is Online Video Chatting All About?

Of all the ways in which one can enjoy social interaction online, live cam chat is the most promising. The fact that you can use your webcam gives you the best possible experience. In the past, the idea of using the Internet to socialize was enough incentive alone to purchase a computer. Now that the human technology has shown great progression our expectations have also increased.

Originally, webcam chat was mostly used to establish a more personal and more interactive way for people to meet and communicate.  Over time, the scene has evolved. Now, web cam chat sessions are often used to keep in touch with long distance family members, loved ones, and coworkers.

It’s become increasingly popular to date people online. Free live cam chat sites enabled us just that. To freely and easily find, communicate, and date people from all over the world.

Imagine having a live, face-to-face conversation with a prospective date, without even leaving your house. That’s what a live webcam chat room is about.

Free real live cam chat dating is becoming one of the hottest additions to the online dating scene.

This dating method is changing the way we meet prospective mates on the internet. By allowing us to see and talk to each other, live cam dating gives a breath of fresh air into the rather impersonal dating method that internet dating is. Not only that but being the visual creatures that we are, it also offers visual stimulus to our brains, as well as bringing body language into play.

It is now a well-known fact that the majority of our communication is non-verbal. The professor Mehrabian confirmed that by combining the results of two case studies. They proved that only 7% of communication is verbal and 93% is non-verbal.

The non-verbal communication is made of body language- 55%, and tone of voice- 38%.

That explains why online video chatting is the best method to meet a complete stranger and get to know them personally. You can see them, hear them, and write to them. That way you can analyze someone more precisely and decide for yourself if you want to continue the chat or simply find someone new.

Live Webcam VS Chatting

Being able to see, chat, and talk to one another has completely changed the way we can meet potential new friends or partners online. Sure, more traditional chat rooms are still a possibility, but they seem a bit impersonal and bland compared to webcam chat.

Not to mention the safety and comfort factor. In a traditional chat room you never really know who you are chatting with or what they look like. That way you are more vulnerable to online scammers. Webcam chatting solves a lot of those issues.

Personally, I feel more comfortable being able to see who I am chatting with or talking to.

Must Have Features for every Online Video Chat Site

In order to get the most out of your online social experience, live video chatting site should have two features:

-Customer Service-

  •   At one point or another, free live cam chat rooms are bound to have a problem. A good live website will have a team of customer support representatives. They should be willing to provide a solution to the problem and resolve it quickly.
  • The customer service team should also be responsible for moderating the rooms and taking appropriate action if they spot inappropriate behavior.

-Browser Based-

  • Browser Based -Any good live cam site has a built-in video chat system on their website. You should not be required to download any additional software in order to gain access to the chat room services.
  • A browser based video chat system is not only faster but it’s also easier to manage by both the user and the customer service team. That is very important in the case when the users experience errors and are unable to use a video chat service.
  • Browser based free live chat rooms are also highly acclaimed. They enable the users to log in from any computer regardless of their physical location.

Factors to Consider When Joining Live Cam Chatting Sites

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a free cam chat sites is the membership fee.

Some of these sites offer free services. However, these sites usually have fake profiles and can fill your inbox with junk emails from email brokers.

Likewise,  sites that have a membership or subscription fees are deemed more efficient than the free sites.  In most cases, they provide a better overall service than free sites.

When you add two and two together it is better option to pay a membership fee and enjoy full site. That way you know that the profiles you are talking to are real people, just like you.

And also you will avoid a ton of fake profiles, spam emails and aggressive advertising which can be found on almost every free cam site.

Another important factor to consider when joining free live cam sites is the capability of these sites to expose your profile and obtain responses. Most often than not, you will receive email responses once you have completed your profile.

This is because you will be added to the area for new members where you obtain exposure. If you do not receive emails in the first hour after creating your profile, you have to find another live cam with girls that can expose your profile more efficiently in order to obtain best results.

Other significant features that you should consider in dating sites include the instant messaging, searchable and viewable profiles, add a friend option, free live cams, chat rooms, photo galleries, and forums among others.

Instant messaging allows you to send and receive messages to and from other people. Live cam features enable you to chat and see the person you are chatting with. That way you can quickly decide should you chat with that person or not.

Most free adult dating sites only offer basic features such as instant messaging, search options,  and viewable profiles. On the other hand, paid adult dating sites offer all the features mentioned in order to optimize your membership fee.

You have a greater chance of meeting people in paid adult dating sites since you have more options for communication and interaction. Also,  the fact that you paid real money means that you will take online video chatting more seriously.

Top Live Cam Sites to Chat with Women

-Chatrandom –

Unlike most other random live cam chat sites with girls, Chatrandom gives you the ability to use webcam features. Other chat sites only allow text based conversations, but this site takes it a step further and allows you to share your cam with the other users. You even have the option to connect with girls, -cam to cam.



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Advantages of Live Cam Dating

  • Online video chatting enables you to form a deeper emotional connection with your chat partners because you communicate face to face. That alone increases the chances of forming real romantic relationships with that person in real life.
  • Live cam dating is a more exciting and enjoyable way of finding the right person. It goes without saying that meeting new people that also have clear sexual interest and want to find new dates are going to be more fun on cam than in chat. As we are visual creatures we like to see the faces and bodies of our dates rather than just what they have to say.
  • Geographic boundaries no longer exist. You can communicate with someone from across the world without any limitations.
  • Spontaneity is another advantage. You are assured that responses are neither canned nor well thought out in advance. Also, you don’t have to worry that someone is using canned lines they have found somewhere on the internet. The communication is in real time and face to face.
  • Speed – It’s easy to judge a date quickly and move on. Text chat can be time-consuming and cam chat speeds up this process. You get a real feel for the character and personality of someone on cam.
  • Safety – No physical contact means inherently increased safety.

Tips for Online Video Chatting Dating Success

For those looking to maximize their chances of success with a free live cam site, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Be sure that you are properly lit when the webcam is turned on. No, this does not mean that you need to channel the skills of a Hollywood lighting director in order to be successful. But proper lighting will show your face better and also show the other person that you are not living in a dark cave.
  • It also would be a smart move to purchase a top of the line webcam. Poor quality webcams can reduce the image you present and that would not be to your benefit.

Live online video chatting  is the fastest, most reliable and the most effective way to find a partner for casual dating, casual sex and even committed relationship. It leaves all the guess work out of the game and it gives you the best chance to meet someone face to face but in the online world.

Online dating is more common in the Western world and developed countries. Another factor is that in western countries marriage is continuously losing its appeal. More and more people are avoiding marriage and having kids.

Divorce and separation are also becoming more and more prevalent in western culture.

We hope that modern technology like online video chat sites and dating sites will help more people to increase their pool of potential partners. That way the initial online date can potentially lead to a real date, then to a relationship, and finally marriage.

Whether you prefer marriage or the enjoyment of single life you will find that online video chatting gives you a much better opportunity to find someone compatible for stable dating then the regular chat and dating sites.

Using online video chatting is an advanced form of online dating, but video dating is expected to remain commonplace for years to come. As time passes and technology advances, more and more people will search for a life partner using video. It is not only much more thrilling and enjoying, but it is also much more romantic.

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