Over 40’s Dating

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So Im going to go ahead and assume that you are over 40. I know…… an outrageous assumption as you are reading a post about “over 40’s dating”.
But even if you are close to 40 this will be of some significance.
Thanks to perfectmatch.com/onlinedating/seniors/senior-dating-facts
AARP reported, in a September 2003 study of singles aged 55+, 49% said, “Having someone to talk to or do things with” is the most important reason for dating.
AARP’s September 2003 survey cited these as the Top Three Complaints of Singles in their 50’s:

  1. Dating partners with a lot of baggage – 42%.
  2. Women who become extremely difficult to get along with after a few dates – 28%.
  3. Women who want to get serious too fast – 18%.


  1. Dating partners with a lot of baggage – 35%.
  2. Not having a clue where to meet men and meeting too few new men – 23%.
  3. Overeager men who want to get serious too fast – 21%
  • The 50+ segment is the fastest growing group of subscribers for on-line dating (Lehman Brothers Equity Research, February 2007).
This is most likely due to the stigma of online dating as something that is done by the desperate is quickly fading. People are now looking upon this as just an easy way to communicate with like minded people.
So get out there and find your soul mate, friend or lover because you know what you are looking for!

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