Overcoming Single Parent Dating Issues

The social norms of dating with children are changing and women and men are more comfortable with breaking up and finding new love if it’s not working out. Divorced men and women are entering the dating scene every day in there thousands due to this new freedom and expectation that you can have what you want.
Once upon a time it was very rare to divorce your partner and marriage was for a lifetime. Now it seems daters are more restless and not as easily pleased. If something is not right in a marriage then you fix it, apparently now rather than dealing with the personality issues at hand daters are just leaving the situation often with children in the mix.
So the social norms of dating and expectations surrounding marriage have certainly changed at least for the sample data taken from match.com lovegeist report.
There also seems to be a relaxed attitude to bearing children out of wedlock which further ads to the increasing number of single parents looking for love. This dating demographic looks set to increase in the future with singles living longer and healthier lives.
They will be quite happy to join a dating site and find comfort in other single parents who share the same life experiences.
Being a single parent can be a lonely time if you are not supported by friends and family – single parent dating sites allow you to contact other local single parents who might be tied down to one location like you are. From the safety of your own home you can get in touch with single moms and dads without having to leave your children.
Getting married young very often leads to divorce later in life if not soon after, with children in your life and a parent that leaves the financial burden starts to stack up.
Perhaps singles are recognising that marriage is not as desirable as once thought and prefer to take on “co existence” instead.
You certainly do not plan on being a single parent and when it happens you lose apart of yourself. The problem arises when you attach yourself to your “mate” and become part of them. That is what love and marriage is all about. You are still and individual but being with someone for so long changes you and you become partly dependent on the marriage. So when a partner leaves you feel:
Anxious, Lonely, worthless and vulnerable
Without that emotional and physical connection and protection that a close lover brings the world seems a daunting place.
This makes single parent dating an emotional experience as you try to find someone that is suitable for your situation. Many complications and hardships need to be explained and walked through before the coming together of two single parents can occur.

What About Me… The Single Parent

Because of the sharp drop in financial support due to a breakup or divorce you find yourself with little time to worry about
what is important in your life.
You want to spend time with your kids but they are in day care.
You want to spend time with yourself pampering going shopping because you no longer feel beautiful.
You want to find love again but the truth is you don’t think anyone would want you know with two kids.
The Love Geist Report of 2010-2011 is uncovering similar fears and anxieties about living along. From single parent data in the UK:
80% of single parents said they did not have enough time to date
7% of single parents were able to find time to go on 1 date every month
Perhaps single parent do have a couple free hours in the weekend but after working all week they are just not interested in putting in the extra work to FIND other single parents like themselves. If they had compatible matches already set up and they just had to turn up I am sure most single parents would jump at the chance to meet like minded parents.
Most single parents were struggling with confidence issues due to the fact that they now have to much baggage… Especially
single women that have kids – men just are not interested in becoming a step dad to someone elses kids if they can find someone similar without kids. This is what makes single parent dating sites so great, everyone is there in the same boat so insecurities about being worthy don’t come into it.
The confidence of your younger days has long gone and you are now wondering if anyone would actually find you attractive.
Well you can be SURE that other single parents are in the same situation thinking the same thoughts as you… you just need to find them.
Another barrier you face to dating involves what you place the most importance on . More than HALF of single parents in the UK that were studied place more importance on their kids than a new relationship. This means they care much less about themselves and their own emotions than their kids.
If you cannot get your own emotions and dating life sorted it’s going to be tough to give 100% back to your kids even if you
only want the best for them.
first you save yourself… then you save the world right?
This is where singleparentmeet comes in… Singleparentmeet.com is a dating site for parents that have found themselves in the same situation you are in. Same fears or being alone and feeling worthless, like no one will want to date you anymore.
They too have little time to dedicate towards finding love again but with the help of single parent meet you can easily set up dates for the weekend without leaving your children doing it.


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