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Hey guys…
Here’s today’s question!
Can an increased understanding of female psychology help to get you laid?
The resounding answer is yes. However… which aspects are really worth learning?
A 3 Question System Used By the US Air Force, Yale and IBM
The Pandora’s box system claims to be able to teach you how to read her mind so that you never have to guess…. ever again!
The Pandora’s box system claims they have found a “loophole” in female psychology which allows any man to read a women’s thoughts as if they were written on paper…
They even have the backing of a 12th year PhD at UCLA.
The Pandora’s box system also claims that you can get a date or phone number with any women within 5 minutes… I’m not sure that you could do this with ANY women but the thought is nice.
Who’s behind all of these bold claims?
His name is Vin DiCarlo
His entire system is based around 3 QUESTIONS
Ask these 3 questions and you can have any women you want… Whether your in a relationship or looking for a one night stand. By leveraging science and psychology you don’t have to do all of the relationship heavy lifting. You no longer have to do all of the work chasing her around in the hope that she will show you affection.
The crystal clear directions included within the DiCarlo coaching system enable you to finally understand women in a way you have never before imagined.
This new found understanding will empower you to act… Your new found alpha male confidence ensures that you NEVER get rejected.
Have you ever been in a relationship that just fizzled out? You weren’t aware at the time that your actions to increase the romance were actually PUSHING her away! That feeling of love and sexual expression just fizzled out right?
Once you understand how female love is wired you can make a women so in love with you she will be hooked for life.
Let’s perform a little exercise…
Imagine with me…
I am picturing a girl I am magnetically and completely attracted to… I think she is a little out of my league and currently she does not think much of me.
She works on my floor as part of the marketing department but doesn’t even know my name.
She has long straight honey blond hair, piercing deep blue green eyes, perfect tanned skin and long slender legs.
She wears a different outfit each day – sometimes it’s tight jeans and a shirt and on Fridays it’s a short skirt and frilly deep white v necked top.
I still get nervous when she walks by – she has caught me looking at her numerous times and rather than holding my gaze she looks annoyed and walks away.
You know how I mentioned before that you could attract any women into your life that you want? This is despite your current looks health or financial situation!
It does require a transformation of your belief system and confidence however these can be changed in seconds! With the click of your fingers you can choose to become what it takes to attract this women.
But it does take pro-ACTION on your part – you have to be willing to give a dam… you have to care enough about yourself to want to CHANGE.
Turn her into your little sex kitten without the boss knowing or have her as your long term partner… YOU CHOOSE when you decide to take control of your dating life.
When you choose to learn the nuances of female psychology you gain an unfair advantage over both your competition and the women you are seducing! You will know more about them than they do themselves…

The Female Personalities

You can also grab your personality quiz to find out more about the female personalities that you are attracted to.

Why Get Pandoras Box?

It will explain:

  1. Why you’ve been turned down for a date
  2. Why you can’t get out of the “friendzone” with a girl
  3. Why women pick other men over you
  4. Why you can’t get a woman’s phone number
  5. Why that woman you’re dating just never seems as into you as you’re into her
  6. Why you keep getting heart-broken by women
  7. Why she may be into you one minute and then completely disinterested the next

What Will I Get?

What You Get With Pandora’s Box:

  1. Pandora’s Box Core System (10 videos and 10 pdfs)
  2. Profiler Quiz (find out her type with 95.6% accuracy)
  3. The Pandora’s Box Ultimate Strategy Guide (how to get her once you know her type)
Here’s some great tips from vin’s classes on smooth escalation and the escalation ladder!
pandora pandoras box system

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