Penis Size and Its Implications

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It’s one of the least important questions you’ll ever ask in life, but for some strange reason, people still fret over the answer and its consequences. Does penis size matter? Depending on whom you ask, you’ll get different responses. Some men absolutely insist that a well-endowed member is the key to a satisfying sex life. Others think it has more to do with technique and less with length. Still others say that girth rather than span is the way to go.

Penis Size

One reliable field that always strives for consistency is science, so what do scientists have to say about this fundamental reality? Not much, but the sparse data that they’ve collected over the years sheds some light on the issue and separates the myths from the truths.

Average penis size across the world

As mentioned before, there have been limited studies concerning penis size, but a few of them suggest that the average erect penis length for all ethnicities is 5.4 inches, and the average erect penis girth is 4.54 inches. If we categorize this according to ethnicities, however, it becomes clear that blacks or African-Americans have the largest penis size, falling somewhere above the average, while East Asians have the smallest, falling somewhere below the average.

Regardless, since having pure blood is rare in today’s world where the majority of people come from mixed races, the differences between the nationalities are starting to flatten out.

Please note that 5.4 inches is simply the expected middle ground. You will have to measure your own using a ruler or tape. Most men cover a wide spectrum, and there are even extreme cases such as a condition called micropenis (a penis shorter than 3 inches erect).

Does size matter when it comes to the court of public opinion?

Yes. Bigger – with some exceptions – is definitely perceived as better.

This may come as a shock for men with small members, but let’s face it, people have been conditioned by advertising and the mainstream media to expect nothing shorter than the length of a submarine sandwich. One only needs to take a glance at many popular TV shows to witness that small penises are frequently ridiculed with comic effect. Men who have poor luck in the size department often have to hide this unfortunate fact or face great embarrassment. There is also an unspoken rule among women to expect a poor sex life – or at least one that can never measure up (pun intended) to the ideal – when her partner has a small penis size. In a recent high-profile debate, the future president of the United States even had to defend his penis size in front of the whole nation.

Statistics back up this uncomfortable reality. Regardless of facts on the ground, women and men frequently overestimate their ideal penis length according to a study. When asked what penis size they want in a partner, women responded with a number that is an inch or longer than the average.

There are two causes for this psychological phenomenon:

  • Visual anticipation – in much the same way that large breasts arouse men, large penises arouse women. The penis is one of a few organs that women do not possess. It is a symbol of masculinity, and is therefore highly attractive to the opposite gender; the larger it is, the more sexually stimulated a woman becomes.
  • Evolutionary advantages – a man with a big penis size is sought after by the female brain because it confers certain evolutionary advantages. First, a big penis size is more likely to deposit a larger amount of sperm farther up the reproductive tract, increasing chances of fertilization. Second, a big penis often means that the male is more virile. Third, sons born from a father with a big penis can inherit this trait, thereby increasing their chances of propagating the line further.

In keeping with society’s perception, only 58.5% of men are satisfied with the size of their members. 29.5% are ambivalent, while 12% are dissatisfied. It’s even worse when it comes to women: 78.6% consider penis size important, while only 21.4% consider it unimportant.

What this means is that size matters a lot, at least in the court of public opinion.

Does penis size matter when it comes to sexual satisfaction?

This is a more difficult question to answer. There are four different types of sex acts, and each one has their own requirements when it comes to length and girth.

Hand and boob jobs – YES, BIGGER IS BETTER

When it comes to skin-to-skin contact, a bigger package can deliver higher amounts of sexual satisfaction for women. Men are more aroused when they are fondling large mammaries. Likewise, fondling a big penis size provides more surface area for a woman’s hands and breasts to play with. If you’re blessed with a large member, you and your partner will have much more fun with tactile sex compared to smaller men and their partners.


It’s a different matter when it comes to oral sex. The length from the teeth to the back of the throat is significantly shorter than the average penis size, hence even one that is less than 5 inches can fill up the entire oral cavity. In this instance, size doesn’t have much of an effect, since the excess length won’t fit into the mouth anyway. Furthermore, most women are not adept at deep-throating, and there is a chance that forcing a longer penis inside might induce gagging. Not the most pleasant experience.


Small penises fare much better when it comes to anal sex because the rectum is tighter than the vaginal canal, hence there isn’t that much of a need to have a large package. In fact, many men with a significantly small penis might choose anal sex instead, depending on the preference of their partner. This is one area where a large penis might end up on the losing end, because without proper lubrication, the woman might experience anal tearing. In extreme cases, hemorrhoids, or even a rectal prolapse may result, a nasty condition in which the muscles lose their tone and become flaccid, thus causing the lower intestines to slip out the back end.

Vaginal sex – IT DEPENDS

When it comes to vaginal sex, however, there is a marked advantage for longer penises, although diminishing returns set in past a certain point. There are commonly three ways that a woman can achieve orgasm in this area:

  • Clitoral orgasm – this occurs when the clitoris is stimulated enough so that it causes the woman to climax. The penis isn’t even involved in this type of orgasm, so length is not a factor at all. Mostly, a man will use his tongue or his fingers to bring the woman to the edge.
  • Vaginal orgasm – this occurs when the vaginal walls are stimulated due to penetration, hence penis length is important. For the most part, the vagina can withstand seven inches or greater when fully aroused and is more flexible and accommodating unlike the anus. The good news for smaller members is that the first two inches of the vaginal canal nearest the entrance is the part where the most nerve endings are located, which means that the vast majority of sexual stimulation can be achieved with an average or below average sized penis.
  • Uterine orgasm – this is the kind of orgasm that only a large penis (seven inches or more) can bring about. The uterus is the organ that rests above the vaginal canal and, while not penetrated directly, can still be stimulated when the tip of the penis applies pressure to it during intercourse. A uterine orgasm is full-bodied and deeply satisfying for women, but an average penis length of 5 inches is not long enough to hit the right spot. Hence, men with large members are at a distinct advantage here.

In conclusion, although it’s more than possible for an average-sized male to cause clitoral and vaginal orgasms, only the well-endowed man with a seven incher can deliver the kind of profound climaxes that can leave her shaking and quaking in bed. Size definitely matters if you want a woman to achieve the ultimate sexual experience in life.

Common disadvantages of a small penis size

It should be obvious by now that there are disadvantages to having a penis that’s less than seven inches. Even though some people insist that size doesn’t matter, it is obviously not the case. These are just some of a few things that a guy with a small member will have to deal with:

  1. Inability to give women the full sexual experience – no one is arguing that a small penis can never cause a woman to climax. In fact, a penis is often not required to achieve orgasm (just ask lesbians). Technique and skill aside, however, women derive their sexual satisfaction from feeling “full”, which means that the entire vaginal canal needs to be stretched to its most pleasurable limit. Even though a small penis can still give her an orgasm, she will not be able to achieve the feeling of complete fullness, especially when it comes to the nerve endings near the uterus. If you have a small member, this will have to be a reality that you need to accept.
  2. Some positions are difficult to perform – there are certain sex positions that require a large member to properly accomplish. For example, doggy style actually shaves off a couple of inches since the woman’s butt cheeks can obstruct the path. While a man with a large member can get away with practically anything in the Kama Sutra, the small man is going to have to limit himself to a few postures.
  3. Slipping out – this is an especially common problem with small penises. During the height of intercourse when thrusting is at its most aggressive, a small penis has a tendency to slip out, which means that sex can be frequently interrupted unless the man slows down the tempo so that he can control it more, something that many woman will find irritating.

Common disadvantages of a big penis size

Whereas a small penis has many disadvantages, a big penis isn’t off the hook. Two major problems can arise which may be even more damaging:

  1. It won’t fit – the vaginal canal is remarkably pliant, able to take in even penises that stretch up to 10 or 11 inches. However, there is such a thing as too big, and especially such a thing as too wide. Once a penis reaches a circumference of about 7 inches, the vaginal walls begin to be stretched to it’s limit and will start to illicit pain rather than pleasure, making sex a torturous act. It’s rare to have a penis that’s this big, but sometimes a man with an above-average member can have a really petite partner who just won’t be able to handle it.
  2. Lack of bodily contact – lack of stimulation can happen too, especially with an oversized penis. The man’s pelvis naturally makes contact with the woman’s during every thrust. A member that’s too long will prevent this contact from happening, thereby decreasing the sexual excitement that comes with the motion.

How to compensate for a small penis size

Low self-esteem is a problem for someone who isn’t well endowed, but with a few fixes in the bedroom, it is still possible to give your woman the satisfaction that she craves. If you have an average or below-average length penis, here are some proven ways you can compensate for this:

  • Use a pillow – you can actually give the woman the illusion of having a longer penis by placing a pillow underneath her hips while in missionary position. This raises the lower part of the body and compresses the vaginal canal, allowing you to hit the upper third portion without actually having to grow an extra inch.
  • Make sure you are hard enough – engaging in intercourse while not fully aroused will only exacerbate the problem. A fully erect penis can stretch the vaginal walls more than a semi-limp one, so don’t even start unless you’re hard enough. Furthermore, this allows you greater control of your thrusts.
  • Emotional involvement – you can compensate for a small penis by making sure that the woman is emotionally involved in the intercourse. Love can be a powerful force when it comes to influencing a woman’s orgasms. If you and your partner are into each other, and she knows that you’re not just using her as a means to scratch an itch, she’ll be more immersed in the process and will climax harder, small penis or not. Use plenty of tender words and prolong the foreplay to really get her in the mood. In return, she’ll forgive your lack in the size department.
  • Go for broke – stamina, pacing, and just pure effort are good ways to compensate for a small penis. What you lack in size you can usually make up for in quantity. A man with a big package who cannot sustain an erection for long won’t be much of a lover. A man with a miniature member who can’t even make it past the first orgasm is even worse. Make sure you learn how to pace yourself properly, control your energy, and just go at it as if it’s your last day on earth. All the average orgasms she’s going to have will compound into one tremendously satisfying night.
  • Mix it up – know that you cannot completely satisfy a woman unless you develop other sexual skills. Rather than rely too much on vaginal orgasms which is your weak spot, you should try to use foreplay to compensate for the lack in size. Stimulate other parts of the body such as the clitoris and the nipples while you’re thrusting, and segue it with prolonged kissing and caressing. If you bring your whole smorgasbord in bed, your average sausage will be just one facet of the course rather than the whole meal.

How to compensate for a big penis size

Men with big penises are normally rarer than their counterparts. Furthermore, there’s usually a lot more advantages for a well-endowed man compared to the disadvantages, including the increased self-confidence that comes with it. As such, they don’t really need to compensate for anything. However, there are still some problems that you need to be aware of:

  • Use lube and take it slow – some women often complain of pain in the cervix or the anus from a penis that’s too big. They feel like they’re being rammed to death. This problem usually occurs because penetration happens before the woman’s vaginal canal or anus has completely dilated. A man with a big penis needs to take things slow and allow the woman’s reproductive tract to fully expand. Pushing it home in one shot is a surefire method to get her to scream – but not in a good way. Make sure to use lots of lube if this is still a problem. Also, thrusting at an upward angle helps because it displaces the uterus, allowing you to hit all her sensitive spots without anything getting in the way.
  • Too big to enter – If the penis is simply too large to fit, you’re going to have to make do with other forms of sexual intercourse such as oral or tactile. One good compromise is to rub your penis along the entrance of the vagina and up towards the clitoris. It might not be full penetration, but it’s probably the closest you can get, and it’s also deeply satisfying. The last thing you want is to force it and cause a tear. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes: would you want to get impaled by that monster?


Although most men would step over their own grandmothers just to get a big penis, those who have been born lacking are not condemned to a life of unsatisfying sex. Women are just as forgiving of package size as men are forgiving of breast size. While everyone wants the ideal body in their mate, empathy and understanding will wipe away all perfectionism and create sparks in the bedroom that’s fulfilling and long-lasting.

In short, don’t worry if you have less than five inches. Rather, look for a girl who enjoys having sex with you, regardless of your size.

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