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The personal ads of days gone by were meant to help you find someone to date or fall in love with. These days, however, personals are a lot more personal. Maybe you want someone who enjoys the same things you do sexually. Maybe you want someone who wants a no strings attached physical relationship. Whether you have a specific fetish or just don’t have the desire to pursue a serious relationship, you can find exactly what you are looking for in adult sex ads. Here’s the ultimate guide to navigating these sex ads and finding exactly what you are looking for.

Understanding the Ads

Before you start looking or write your own personal ad, you should read some ads to get a feel for how they work. You want to read ads from both sexes. You will find some that stand out from the rest. Make some notes about what you see that you like and don’t like. This will help you know what you want to say in your own ad.

Abbreviations have become a part of our society with the popularity of text messaging, but you may not understand every abbreviation you encounter. The days of A/S/L (age/sex/location) and SWF (single white female) are long gone. These abbreviations are still used, but there are many others that are popular. If you find yourself not understanding a certain abbreviation, this list can be a real lifesaver.

Writing Your Ad

One of the most important aspects of writing your ad is to stand out from the crowd. Especially if you are a man seeking a woman, you will have lots of competition. Women get hit on so much if something doesn’t really catch their attention, they aren’t going to bother. How do you catch their attention?

Be Funny

Women love humor. A personal ad with some humor is a great way to show your lighter side. It can be easy to make your profile into one big joke if you aren’t careful, however, Try a few jokes in your profile and maybe an amusing headline. If you are writing it for an adult site, double entendre is a good way to insert some humor. You could say “I really enjoy asking probing questions” or “Even though I’m hard, I’m easy to get along with.

Be Polite

Act like your momma raised you right. No matter what kind of personal site you are on, being disrespectful is a big turn off. For adult sites you should include your sexual preferences, especially any specific fetishes or fantasies that you have. Do not build your entire profile around this, though. You want someone to be able to read your profile and get a feel for who you are, not just what you like in bed.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Physical attraction is a component of any relationship. If someone doesn’t post a picture, they probably have something to hide. For your profile photo, it’s a good idea to invest in a professional picture by a photographer. Their job is to make you look good. This one should be your profile picture. Posting a few pictures of you doing your favorite activites or with family and friends is also a good idea. It makes you seem more real. Be sure to include one head shot (preferably professionally done) and one full body shot as well.

Headline: Read All About It

Your headline and your picture are the first thing someone is going to see about your profile. If these don’t interest them, they are likely to move on without even reading any further. You could go for a funny headline. “Beam me up Scotty” and “I’m not here for love, just a beer” are a few examples. Pop culture song and movie references also work well. If you don’t want to go with something funny, try to choose something that describes you. Stay away from cliches and things you see on countless other profiles.

Honesty is The Best Policy

Of course you will want to put your best foot forward in your ad. However, a few negative qualities makes you seem more honest and real. If there’s something negative, try to explain how you’ve changed since then or what you have learned, especially if you are looking for something serious.  People love authentic people, even if they are just looking for something casual. There are things you should keep to yourself, at least at first, however. If you are looking for something casual, your potential partner doesn’t need to know about your divorce, drug addiction, or your stay in prison. Unless you are still in prison. Then you might as well be up front about it, because it’s bound to come up sooner rather than latter. Things like “What I’ve lost in hair, I’ve gained in stamina” or “I’ve been around the block, but at least I stayed in the neighborhood” are a great way to say I’m not perfect and I’m ok with that.

Show Your Passion

If you had to choose three things that you were most passionate about, what would they be? Include these things in your profile. Let those who read your profile learn something about what is important to you.

Placing Your Ad

So you have a well written ad. The next question is, where do I place it? The answer really depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for sex, there are lots of adult personal sites. Some of them have specific areas for certain fetishes. Many of them have a horny housewives section. It’s a good idea to post your ad on multiple sites to get the most exposure considering most of them are free. Just make sure where you are posting your ad matches up with what you are looking for. Don’t post on if you are looking for love. If you are looking for a booty call, however, by all means post it there.

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