Finding the One by Astrological Signs: Pisces


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February 19 – March 20

Ruled by the planet Neptune, its symbol is that of two fishes swimming in opposite directions. True to their element, Water, Pisces are highly adaptable and curious. They are friendly – though preferring the quality of friendships over quantity.

Those born under the Pisces sign display characteristics of being emotional, gentle, intuitive, spiritual and highly creative.

It is this emotionality and gentleness that gives Pisceans empathy, compassion, kindness, and patience.

Their intuition and spirituality manifest by being tuned into other people’s feelings, read people’s true intentions and instinct for other phenomena seemingly spot on. This tendency makes them quite odd, their thoughts and ideas may seem impractical and difficult to discern for the average Joe. They have grand visions that they look forward into materializing. Often these visions and goals are not even self-serving but are geared towards selfless causes – for people they care about, or even the greater good.

Known for their imagination, dreamy Pisceans tend to express their creativity through literature, art, and music. Pisces individuals are usually great artists and are talented. Truly individualists, they may show an inclination to alternative lifestyles and careers driven by their creativity and passion.

A double edged sword, this same emotionality, spirituality, and imagination also works in the flipside making them sensitive, moody, insecure, easily depressed, and tend to play the martyr role.  What makes Pisces people awesome also manifest in form of idealism which can turn into escapism, or introversion, often thinking that reality is not living up to their expectations. 

Pisces for Partners

When it comes to dating, love, and sex, Pisces are the most romantic and passionate bunch, ruled by Neptune – the planet of fantasy – which also applies to how they approach their relationships. Their gentleness goes on center-stage, highly caring, nurturing and faithful.

If they are single, Pisceans are searching for their soulmate, their one true love. They seek emotional connection which is augmented through physical interaction. This idea of search can also make Pisces serial daters, constantly searching for the one that is the perfect match.

Their faithfulness may border to blind loyalty, driving the Pisces to give all that they’ve got in a relationship, and if it fails, they also tend to suffer a lot.

With this in mind, Pisces tend to gravitate to fellow Water signs who share a similar level of emotionality – like Cancer and Scorpio – so that the emotional investment is reciprocated.

Pisces Men

According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, Pisces men are deeply romantic, he will woo you using his creativity, maybe write poetry or a song for you. Fluid and easygoing, they tend to have a relaxed outlook on life.

Adam Levine, born March 18.

The easiest way to seduce one is to be honest and open. Being on the emotional side, he might have baggage from past relationships or life in general – so get ready to deal with that.

Once a Pisces man falls in love – he gives it everything he’s got. His sensitivity, kind nature, wild imagination and wanting to please a partner are highly revered qualities. He wants his partner to be satisfied in all aspects of the relationship. Being in a relationship with a Pisces man will prove to be a very fulfilling experience – emotionally and sexually. Loyalty can be expected out of a Pisces man whose emotions are ignited with his partner.

On the other end, Pisces men’s need for emotional stimulation may also be the reason for them to turn their backs on their partners upon the first signs of neglect – and their strong intuition can detect disloyalty. They find sexual contact as a means to realize the emotional connection they seek and this may be seen by other as promiscuity. His dreamer persona may be seen as a lack of stability and seems as if running from problems when he’s just looking for creative solutions. He can be a bit indecisive which requires a strong partner.

Pisces Women

A sensual goddess with artistic and spiritual strengths, Pisces women express deep emotions when in love. Probably the sexiest women of the zodiac, she is mysteriously attractive. She loves being in love – but it does not mean that she is intense – she is laid back and easygoing, ensuring for a relaxed relationship.

Drew Barrymore, born February 22.

When it comes to sex, she needs emotional connection and security with her partner – to feel loved and protected, before she can entrust a person with her sensual needs. Once this is taken cared of, she can get playful and childish, often letting her imagination run wild, and playing the submissive role.

Her creativity will make the relationship unpredictable, thus the need for a partner who will allow spontaneity yet stable. She doesn’t like the ideas of pressure and rigidity but appreciates someone who can act as her anchor whenever she starts drifting into her dream world of art, love, and spirituality.

Her intuitive nature makes her highly skilled in reading between the lines, understanding body language, and sense shady behavior, sketchy personalities, and infidelity if it comes her way.

Her natural beauty catches attention and attracts other people easily – which can be a problem if the partner is particularly jealous. She can be impractical which can get problematic when dealing with daily realities. Further, she may come off as clingy and dependent on the partner, given her tendency to be erratic. If she feels her love and devotion is not reciprocated, her highly sensitive nature makes her easily hurt, and even experience bouts of self-pity and worst, depression.

Pisces Compatibility with Other Signs

If you want to start dating and find the one based on Zodiac sign, is the #1 Zodiac Sign Dating Site that allows you to filter potential matches based on astrological compatibility.

Compatibility of star signs is illustrated in an article at Metaphorical Platypus, where two studies were used to quantify the compatibility between signs. A study by Sachs (1998) and Castille (2000) was conducted in Switzerland and France to review significant results using marriage and divorce statistics as to which astrological signs are most compatible with each other.

Combined with information gathered from iZodiac,, Astrostyle, and Compatible Astrology, below are the rankings of relationship compatibility with Pisces of each astrological sign.

#1 Pisces – Scorpio

These two water signs show a mutual attraction upon laying eyes on each other, with an emotional connection that runs deep. Both are highly sensitive and perceptive, and the two will find comfort in the familiarity of each other’s personality. Scorpio is a fixed sign, while Pisces is mutable – one loves stability, the other change – what may seem like opposites may actually be a perfect recipe for a balanced relationship.

Scorpio people assume the leadership role in line with their stable nature – while Pisces are more than willing to hand over the reigns and follow the leader. A Scorpio’s clinginess and jealousy may annoy other signs but can be managed by the Pisces who enjoys the attention and protection being offered.

They have shared interests – which taps both signs’ creativity and inclination for the mystical – this means art projects and spiritual retreats might be some activities these two signs are interested in.

The Scorpion is very sexual and may get too rough for the gentle and passive Pisces. But once these two signs are able to manage each other’s expectations and each other’s kinks, sex will be intense between the two. It is these same traits as well that may cause misunderstandings between the two – a straightforward and rough Scorpio can easily hurt the highly sensitive Pisces. Yet again, the two signs are expected to compromise on this.

#2 Pisces – Cancer

At about the same level of compatibility as #1 is this match. There is no relationship more romantic than a Cancer-Pisces pair, commonly a case of love at first sight, their connection is greatly based on emotions. Two sensitive, passionate and empathetic souls – Cancer can understand the Pisces partner’s nature who can drown in negativity because of feeling so much.

When it comes to communication, Cancer is interested only in the practical and real world – Pisces can be quite the opposite and tend to talk about ideals and fantasies. While Cancer is a cardinal sign that likes to take charge, they often do it in a non-aggressive or pushy manner, which suits Pisces who can get indecisive. Pisces dislike pressure and in effect, may get anxious or run for cover. Fortunately, Cancer can understand such tendencies and have the patience to deal with it.

Cancer can be traditional when it comes to sex, Pisces, on the other hand, are playful and kinky. But a deep emotional connection can easily bridge this gap, creating an atmosphere of trust where emotions are expressed through sensuality.

Both water signs, they will find comfort in each other’s company – though being comfortable for too long may make this relationship feel like a rut. Cancer’s tendency to be too routinary may seem boring for Pisces, thus the need that despite both valuing home, they must exert effort to balance this and experience different activities to keep the excitement.

#3 Pisces – Capricorn

Pisces – Capricorn is a case of opposites attract. Their difference supplements each other’s weaknesses and strengths. Pisces can provide the laid-back element into the relationship with a strict and rational Capricorn. A relationship of possibilities, Pisces provides the inspiration and the whimsy to make a relationship more colorful, while, rational Capricorn will serve as the rock of the relationship, and have the capability to understand and respect their Pisces counterpart.

Trust can be built on this relationship but it will take some balancing act so their opposing traits complement each other and exist harmoniously. Capricorn is an earth sign, which can be handy as they are grounded and practical opposite the flowing emotions of water, this dynamics is further strengthened as Capricorn is cardinal – similar to Cancer.

Both are loyal and does not entertain drama. Pisces is always willing to provide the heart to a relationship, letting the partner be the brain. Sex life will be spontaneous, Pisces leading Capricorn to let go of inhibitions.

This match might experience conflict in money matters as Pisces are spiritual, while Capricorn tends to be materialistic. But once the pair is able to negotiate aspirations and altruism with reality and practical life skills, their combined creativity and street smarts will prove to be very advantageous.

#4 Pisces – Aquarius

Both signs are idealistic, compassionate, sociable, introspective, and good with communication. Both like to cultivate knowledge, are open to new ideas and value freedom.

Pisces are creative and romantic while Aquarius are imaginative and innovative – making them good partners to create ideas, and dreams with – materializing these is another story, though. A combination of water and air, they are both very flexible and progressive and their values are highly aligned with each other. Given their personalities, sex life will not go dull coming up with creative ways to spice things up.

Despite their similarities, the way a Pisces expresses emotions is way stronger than an Aquarius would. Sensitive Pisces will often find itself disappointed with the emotional effort Aquarius is giving, or the lack of it. Trust may become an issue as Aquarius may seem too reckless to Pisces that needs constant reassuring.

#5 Pisces – Taurus

Both are sensual signs that create poetry in motion, full of beauty and romance. A cordial combination of earth and water that provides the security and gentleness for each other.

Taurus can offer practicality in life and in the relationship subtly that doesn’t overwhelm or antagonize spiritual and ethereal Pisces. The duo makes for great teamwork with Taurus providing a grounded nature needed for daily life, as Pisces provides the ways to sit back, relax and enjoy life.

They can communicate best without words, both signs are pleasure-driven who both enjoy the tenderness involved in love-making, making all their sensual fantasies come to life. Pisces’ playfulness in the bedroom is very much welcome for Taurus. These amazing sexual encounters create the emotional connection needed by the Fish. Their values are not all alike, but the bond of love is what is congruent with the two – thus creating trust in the relationship.

#6 Pisces – Leo

A dynamic relationship of two creatives who value love, imagination, and spirituality. Leo is a dominant fiery sign who loves being the center of attention while fluid Pisces loves taking control of the backstage creating a mystical world for the audience. The key to this pair to finding an aspect of their relationship where each one can excel at and is in charge of.

The fire-water dynamic will not always work, though, as both signs are highly emotional and passionate about their beliefs, some of which may clash at times. Given Leo’s innate aggressiveness, erratic Pisces will find itself dependent on Leo – who might manifest bruteness and selfishness – bursting dreamy ideas.

Bohemian romance: Pisces – Pisces match-up

#7 Pisces – Pisces

Finding another Pisces will make the relationship dreamy, spiritual and creative. Another Pisces will understand the level of emotional investment required of another in a relationship for other aspects of the relationship to work. Their shared curiosity will make their relationship fun and exciting.

Too much familiarity, however, can be the downfall of this pair as trust will be difficult to establish knowing their indecisiveness and changeable nature. The level or erratic tendencies of a Pisces requires a steadfast partner – and if both goes through the motions, the possibilities of establishing a stable relationship may seem distant.

However, if the two individuals create a codependence and decide that they are ok just going with the flow and – this kind of relationship can be healing and deeply spiritual. Pisces-Pisces matches may find themselves living a hippie-artist-open-relationship-fairytale kind of dynamics.

 #8 Pisces – Aries

Trouble in paradise looms for this match, as Aries can come off too strong for Pisces. Their straightforward attitude may easily break fragile Pisces – which may jeopardize the trust in this relationship. Sex will be passionate – but not romantic as per a Piscean’s standards. Pisces treats it as an emotional connection, and interested in the after deed cuddle, whereas sex is a primal act for Aries.

It will take a level of effort from Aries to be patient, caring and romantic to be aligned with Pisces. They have different interests in life which can be a way for both parties to learn new things.

Initial attraction will be high for the two, which if maintained can create a loving bond. The secret is negotiating and setting clear each other’s relationship roles. Once compromise has been achieved, Aries will be in control of the relationship, as Pisces will offer support, devotion, understanding and loyalty. Pisces will appreciate having a protective partner who can lead the relationship – which is very apparent with an Aries.

#9 Pisces – Libra

Both signs exhibit going above and beyond efforts when it comes to romance and exhibit dreamer qualities, though none of the two are pragmatic enough ensure that dreams materialize. Communication may suffer as Pisces is driven by heart, while Libra is driven by their minds. Libra is a lot more sociable and materialistic than often introverted and eccentric Pisces.

The two signs will view sex from different point of views too – Pisces wants a deep connection created through slow and sensual interaction, while Libra is the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am sort. Libra tend to be the leader in the relationship, and Pisces the follower. Problems arise when Libra is not in the mood to take the reigns, meanwhile sensitive Pisces will take your unwillingness personally – a dynamic that may seem draining for Libra and can create trust issues between the two – at worst, create dishonesty.

If the two signs find their common ground of keeping their partner satisfied, and overcome their differences, and the resulting disrespect and unrealistic expectations, they might actually make the match work.

#10 Pisces – Gemini

Gemini is one of the most rational signs, on the other hand, Pisces is emotional and romantic. Pisces’ symbol is two fishes going the opposite directions, paired with Gemini, the twins – so basically 4 beings are at play. Amplified by the fact that both are mutable signs, it could get moody and ‘bipolar’ if you will. Both signs will experience changes in their minds that will create tension in the relationship.

Gemini might feel overwhelmed with all the emotions coming from Pisces, making Gemini pull away, and in effect hurting a needy Pisces. Pisces might also find fun-loving and light-hearted Gemini to be too thoughtless, if not superficial, and Gemini would wish emotional and spiritual Pisces lighten up already and just enjoy the now. This will apply to their daily lives and sex lives. Both parties have a tendency to stray and traverse the infidelity path which will just prove this combo to be quite chaotic.

But should Gemini be willing to compromise and listen to Pisces, improve their communication and emotional outlets, then it will work somehow.

#11 Pisces – Virgo

A love-hate relationship from the get go, frustration and misunderstanding will be a common theme in the length of the relationship. Pisces’ romantic and idealized world view, not caring for tangible things and unbelief in working hard will take its toll as these all are things that Virgos are very highly attached to.

Submissive Pisces might like the dominant tendencies of Virgo in bed, but when manifested in other areas, might be tormenting. Critical Virgos are up their asses striving for perfection, which they often also expect of their Pisces partners. Thus, trust and finances can be the biggest challenge if this match turns into a marriage. Likelihood of success between these astrological signs is not as promising.

Both are holistic healing and health buffs who prioritize their well-being. In effect, the sex will be great – supported by a great attraction and complementary traits that do not allow the match to have instinctive sex, rather, a very thorough, pure and emotional one. The key to longevity is to stay together long enough to realize how they can positively help each other.

#12 Pisces – Sagittarius

One of the more difficult zodiac pairings, on the surface, the match seems wonderful and very attractive at that. As two individuals learn more about each other, they will see how wonderful each one is – however, the infatuation and fire will not last very long.

Their sex life will be fun, but will also likely be erratic with unmatched expectations from both ends. Pisces – a sign that is all about orgasm will feel that Sag is too selfish and not sensitive to his/her satisfaction. The level of intimacy will seem lacking for Pisces who wants deep feelings and connection. Communication styles differ as well in terms of approach as the Sagittarius style may seem blunt or even offend the sensitive Pisces.

Values – especially those related to relationships and love will also be different – and Pisces might seem too needy and depressing for Sagittarius. Pisces will feel neglected and fall into a whirlpool of jealousy that only gets worse through time. These problems will likely recur throughout the relationship unless Sagittarius makes a deliberate effort to be more intentional and compromise.

 * * *

I hope this short guide helps you to filter from the many fishes out there, please remember that astrological signs are merely guides – and not an exact science. Even if your partner or potential is way down in the rankings, there are ways to make a relationship work through compromise and communication.


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