First Date Tips: 3 Steps To Fun and Effective First Dates (Using Seduction Ladder System)

plan first dates

plan first dates

First dates can be unpredictable and intimidating, especially if you’re meeting someone you’ve met online.  

The impression you leave on first dates may be the deciding factor whether the girl will see you again or block your number forever.

But at the same time, first dates can be fun, exciting and memorable. It all depends on how well you prepared for it.

1. The Importance of System for First Dates
2. System Step 1-Scheduling First Date
3. The System Step 2 -Planning the First Date
4. First Date Ideas To Avoid
5. Best First Date Ideas
6. System Step 3 -How To Use Seduction Ladder on First Dates
7. Sex on The First Date?
8. Don’t Be a Slave To The System

In reality, not many guys find success when trying to meet girls online. They struggle to get matches and have a tough time texting girls and getting a reply back.

The sad reality is that first, you’ll have to fight your way through the minefield called online dating if you want to get those first dates successfully.

This is the third article in series called “how to use a system to meet girls online”.

In the first article, we discussed how only a small minority of guys manage to stand out from the competition and successfully meet girls online. But that’s just the first step.

The truth is, the guys who stand out, have yet another hurdle to go through- texting girls online.

Excellent texting ability helps you to cut through the noise and connect with the girl on an emotional level, so she wants to meet you in person.

But unfortunately, you’re not done yet.

To attract the girl of your dreams,  you’ll have to take care of few extra steps before.

Maybe this situation is familiar – you matched with a girl, charmed her, and she agreed to meet you on a first date.

For a moment you felt proud and overwhelmed with joy, but then all of a sudden million questions started racing through your mind.

Welcome first date anxiety!

anxiety before first date

What now?

  • Where to take the girl on the first date?
  • How many days in advance to schedule the date?
  • What to wear on the first date?
  • How to leave a good impression and win over the girl?
  • When to kiss the girl on the first date?
  • Should you even kiss on the first date?
  • Should you have sex on the first date?

As you can see, it’s not so simple as meet the girl on a date.

You must take a lot of things into consideration to make your first dates fun, memorable and exciting.  

That’s where a great system comes into the picture and saves the day.

A system solves many problems for you.

You’ll stop losing girls after the first date because you didn’t prepare. You’ll never again be afraid of going on that first date because you’ll have everything planned. In other words with a system, you’ll have a situation under control.

And that’s what this article is all about – first date tips.

You ‘ll learn to create a system for scheduling, planning and carrying yourself on first dates. That’ll drastically increase your chances of winning over the girl of your dreams.

Are you ready for our first date tips?

Why Is a System For First Dates So Important?

 It helps you keep things in perspective and look at the bigger picture from a bird’s eye view.

The system helps you to plan and prepare everything before going on  first dates so you can avoid scratching your head in confusion and enjoy yourself.

With a system, you can avoid questions like when, where, what and how when you are on a first date.  You’ll be able to enjoy the date without any worry or anxiety.

Having a working system helps whether you’re searching for your next long-term relationship or a one night stand.

If you are searching for a girlfriend, a system weeds out girls who are not compatible with your values and interests.

If one night stands are what you want, the system helps you to speed up the process of seduction and connect with likeminded girls faster. That way your pipeline of new girls is always full.

Now we’ll talk about the different parts of the system and how you can use it to make your first dates more enjoyable and fun.

The System Step 1  

Scheduling  the first date after you’ve got the girl’s phone number

We went deep into the problems guys face when texting girls online in our last article -on using the seduction system for texting girls online.

One of the main problems is that guys stay chatting for too long on the dating site. Guys entirely forget that the primary goal is to get off the dating site as soon as possible.

The best way to accomplish this is to ask the girl to continue the conversation on WhatsApp, Viber, or another favorite communication app of yours.

But the fact that you got the girl’s number doesn’t mean that you should spam her inbox 24/7 with messages. It’s best to use WhatsApp to schedule dates and plan logistics.  Leave the talking for the actual date.

First Date Tips: Ask the girl when she’s available.

The best way to cut the chase and get straight to the point is to ask the girl directly when she’s available to meet you for drinks.

Where you’re going on the first date is irrelevant at this stage. You can easily change the date theme later, but for now, you want to see if the girl is interested enough to meet you on a real date.

If the girl proposes the day when she’s available, congratulations, she seems pretty interested. That’s precisely the type of girl you want to meet on a date.

Girls who flake are easy to recognize. When you ask them when they’re free, you’ll usually get a vague answer like- “I’m not sure. Maybe next week. I’ll let you know”.

When the girl answers in that fashion, you can forget about her because her interest level is very low.

The whole point of using a system for meeting girls online is to recognize the time wasters as soon as possible. Your goal should always be to meet only the girls who are dying to meet you in real life.

First date tips: The alternative to asking the girl when she’s available is proposing the day and the time yourself.

The girls with high-interest level will accept your offer in most cases. If they are not available at that time, they’ll make an effort to reschedule and propose some other day.

Always try to schedule the first date at least two or three days in advance. That way you give the girl and yourself the time to prepare for the date, and you avoid appearing needy and desperate for the date.

Sometimes it’ll happen that you’ll match with the girl on the dating site and get her to meet you on the first date the same day.

Although these situations happen, they are not the rule. They are exceptions.

Like we already said it’s always best to give the girl some space and schedule the date two or three days in advance.

First Date Tips: Avoid scheduling the first dates on weekends.

I’ve noticed that when I would scheduled dates on Fridays and Saturday’s girls would flake a lot more.

As a result, I learned to never schedule first dates during weekends.

Reserve Fridays and Saturdays for the girls you’re already dating and sleeping with. Or you can meet your friends and have fun.

This way you minimize the chances of ruining your weekend because some girl from the dating site flaked on you.

Girls usually use their free time on weekends to party with their friends, travel somewhere, or spend time with their family. The last thing on their mind is meeting some stranger from the dating app.

The absolute best days for the first dates are slower days like Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

A lot of times girls are bored or tired from the work week. It’s a perfect opportunity for a sexy stranger from the Internet to save them and take them for a fun evening date.

First Date Tips: Send confirmation text on the day of the date and prepare for the flakes.

Let’s keep it real, it’s 2018, and every girl with a smartphone has probably tried online dating.

The good news for you is there’s a lot of available girls online. The bad news is there’s also a lot of guys competing for the same girls like you.

When girls have too many options, and guys are thirsty for sex, girls will be very picky, and they’ll flake a lot more.

But, flakes are a part of this game. There is no stepping around this fact. If you are meeting girls online, you’ll encounter a lot of flakes and a lot of rejection.

A lovely female friend of mine showed me her Tinder inbox on a few occasions. My jaw dropped in shock when I saw how many messages she receives daily.

If the girl is even remotely attractive, expect she has at least ten handsome guys messaging her and trying to get her on a date.

That seems like a lot of competition. But a lot of those guys don’t have a clue on how to intrigue girls online and invite them on dates.

All I saw was a lot of thirsty and needy guys, who get matches only on behalf of their good looks. But getting matches doesn’t mean they are dating or sleeping with lots of girls.

To keep things in perspective expect to get one or two first dates for every ten girls you match and text online.

When you know this, and you expect this to happen, you can prepare better.

That’s why the system is so important. It helps you minimize your efforts and maximize results by not relying only on one girl.

When you know there’s a possibility that the girl will flake anyway, you learn not to set your expectations too high. Even if you got a match and set up the date,  continue to play the numbers game to cover your bases and increase your chances of getting that first date.

First Date Tips: On the day of the date, let’s say Wednesday, send the girl a short message to remind her and to see if the date is still on.

You can send her a message around noon, and it can be something funny and straightforward. Hey, I’ll see you tonight at 8 pm, at the place…hope you are good at pool. Don’t be late.

Some girls are very disorganized, and there’s a possibility that something came up. That’s why reminder message is gold.

If the girl’s flakes on you and doesn’t suggest another day to reschedule, put her on the backburner and read it as low interest.

You can contact her again in 10 days and try again if you like her, but I found it not worth the trouble.

Girls who are genuinely interested in meeting you will find the way, or they’ll be polite enough to reschedule the date.

After you’ve scheduled and confirmed the date, you’ve completed the first step in the system.

The second step of the system is planning and preparation so that everything goes smoothly and you can enjoy the first date.

The System  Step 2

Planning The First Date

The goal of the first date and any date, in general, is to have a good time with the girl and to relax. But to make sure the date goes as smoothly as possible, you’ll need to plan in advance.

Women love a confident man with a plan. It shows initiative and leadership qualities.

There is nothing worse than showing up on a date unprepared and ruining the situation. But you’ll learn the value of the plan when you lose a beautiful girl as a result of your sloppiness.

This exact scenario happened to me a few years back. I met a stunning girl on the dating site, and she agreed to meet me for drinks. She was my perfect ten- long black hair, tall, and looking all sexy in her leather jacket.

The moment she accepted my offer for drinks, my imagination ran wild. I already imagined showing her off to my boys and getting props for picking up a girl as beautiful as her.

But my dreams were quickly destroyed.

I made a bunch of beginner mistakes because then I didn’t know any better. My plan was not to plan and to wing it. I was sure that my charm and personality were enough to win her over.

I was late on a date because I couldn’t find the parking space in a crowded town center. Mistake number one.

I didn’t take the time to plan where to take her for drinks. As a result, our first date consisted of walking from bar to bar in hopes of finding a table to sit.

After those two mistakes, my confidence was non-existent. Although the girl was cool and laughed it off, I certainly didn’t leave a great first impression.

During the date, I missed a few clear signals of interest from her side, and I blew my chances of kissing her.

We finished the first date with a hug, and that was the last time I saw her. It was the “hug of death.”

I can only imagine the stories she told to her friends after the date.

I’ve heard countless stories just like this one from my friends. You can learn a valuable lesson from them- to always prepare and plan the first date.

Tips to Successfully Plan the First Date 

First Date Tips #1 – Transportation

Always plan before the date how you’ll travel to the date and how much time it will take.

If you are using your car to travel on first dates, there are a few things you must keep in mind.

First things first, your car must be clean, and it must smell good.

The first impression is everything- that goes for your wardrobe, your shoes, your hair and your car.

Only imagine what impression would a girl get if she got in your the car and it was full of Mcdonalds bags, with old, stale potato chips laying under the seat.

Your car should be clean and smell good all the time. But put that vacuum cleaner to good use especially before the first date.

If you plan to use the car as your means of transportation, take into consideration the costs of gasoline and parking space ticket.

If you don’t drive, have some money for Uber, especially if you’re planning to invite the girl to your place later.

First Date Tips #2 – Have enough cash with you

When planning the first date, it’s always advisable to keep it simple and on the cheaper side. After all, it’s only the first date. No need to spend a lot of money on the girl you don’t even know. You’ll spend much less money, and cheaper dates are usually more exciting.

But always have enough money on you to pay the first round of drinks.

I’ve heard a lot of advice on this particular topic. Some advise that you insist the girl pays for her share of the tab, but let’s be real, what kind of impression are you leaving when you cheapskate on a round of drinks. After all, if the girl likes you, she’ll usually buy the second round.

In a nutshell-don’t make your life complicated and always count that you’ll be buying the first round of drinks.

First Date Tips #3 – Plan what clothes you’ll wear on the first date

The golden rule of fashion and style is to always dress for the occasion. You don’t want to wear a suit if you plan to take the girl for a walk around the town.

For simple drinks date, clean and casual works best. Don’t confuse casual with wearing an Adidas tracksuit. You’ll look like an immature adolescent. That could pass with younger girls but try to avoid it and use tracksuit where it belongs.

If on the other hand, you wear a suit and a tie, that’s an overdress.

I’ve found that the simple and casual style works best for evening dates. Think a casual dress shirt, jeans and shoes like Chelsea boots. Of course, it all depends on the season and weather.

Your clothes don’t have to be expensive, but they must be clean and ironed. For more tips on best style for men, you can visit this Reddit fashion subforum.

Smelling good is also valuable, so invest in a good cologne. I’ve got countless compliments from girls during first dates just because of my perfume.

First Date Tips #4 – Inform the girl of the details

Tell the girl where you’ll be meeting and when. Be specific to avoid any confusion or delay. If you’re picking her up, tell the exact location and time.

Also, instruct the girl to be there 5 minutes earlier and to let you know if she’ll be late.

It’s imperative to tell the girl where are you taking her so she can dress accordingly.

Girls are notorious for taking their time picking the best outfit for the date.

Maybe for you, that is less important, but it’s significant for the girl. The last thing you want is for the girl to show up in a summer dress and high heels when you planned to take her to a go-kart track. If you’re feeling extra confident, you could tell the girl what exactly to wear.

First Date Tips #5 –  Pick at least three locations for the first date

Before every date, you should have planned a list of at least three great first date locations.

It could be a bar, a quiet lounge or small place to bite something to eat.  Even better is if the locations are near your home. That will make your life much easier if you plan to invite the girl to your place later on.

There are two reasons why you should have at least three places prepared in advance.

The first is to avoid the situation from my story I’ve told you earlier when I was walking from bar to bar with the girl unable to find the place to sit.

The second reason is a phenomenon called the distortion of time.

Let’s use an example. If you stay at one location for too long, with time the date will drag on, and the girl may become bored. No matter how funny or charismatic you are, sitting in the same place for two hours tends to get boring.

Instead, you can organize the first dates  like this:

Grab drinks at the bar number one and stay for 40 minutes to an hour. Just try to have a good time and get to know the girl.

Then lead the girl for the second round of drinks at the bar number two.

After you finish your drinks, you could propose a romantic stroll through the city center.

After that, the both of you will feel like you were on this epic adventure that lasted for five hours when in reality it only took two hours.

The time distortion works in your favor because the girl will have the feeling that she knows you longer than she does. 

First Date Tips #6- Sometimes sex happens on  first dates – prepare a few quiet and discreet locations

Use every date as an opportunity to practice your escalation game.

The goal of the date is to be intimate with the girl. Some girls have strict rules regarding intimacy on first dates, and they won’t allow themselves to sleep with you.  Others girls are more liberal, and sex on the first date is not a big deal for them- at least if they find the guy attractive.

Always  be prepared for the second possibility.

That means you should always have few excuses prepared to invite the girl to your place. It could be anything- maybe you want to show her your dog or photos from your recent trip. Maybe earlier you talked about a movie you both wanted to watch. You can use the movie as an excuse and invite her to your place to watch it.

If you’ve already kissed the girl on the date and things have started to heat up between the two of you, car sex may be a great idea. I’ve found that it’s the easiest to have first date sex in the car. It is exciting and spontaneous. Later the girl can say how one thing led to another and it just happened.

So, plan at least two locations where you can park your car and get down to business. Think of secluded and quiet spots. The last thing you want is to end up in a police station on your first date for having sex in a public place. But if anything it would be a cool story.

First Date Tips #7 -ABC- Always Bring Condoms

If you want to sleep with lots of girls, it’s important to always have condoms with you. In the beginning, if you are still inexperienced, your first dates usually won’t end up with sex.

But as you gain experience more and more of your first dates will end up with sex. So always be prepared and have at least one condom on you. You never know when you’re going to need it, and it’s a good habit to have anyway. You probably want to avoid unwanted pregnancies and STD’s.

First Date Tips #8- Keep your apartment clean

Your apartment is your home base. It should be spotless. The last thing you want after going through all the hassle on the first date is to end up at your place and lose the girl after she saw how filthy and disgusting your bathroom is.

And let’s be clear,  girls pay attention to little details.

Keep your apartment clean and have some drinks, food, or drugs if you are into that kind of things prepared. Prepare some good music playlists or a movie.

The system may look like too much work and preparation, but in reality, it isn’t. All of these steps are just proper planning and overall good habits to have, and after a while, you won’t even think about them much. It’ll become second nature.

Now that you know how to plan first dates let’s go through few examples of the first dates you should avoid.

First Date Ideas to Avoid

If you want the ultimate list of first date tips, here are some ideas to avoid. Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship or just casual sex, some locations are not a good choice for the first date.


This is a terrible idea for a first date. You sit for two hours and stare at a screen. You can’t talk, and after the movie ends, the total numbers of words you two have spoken is ten.

Leave movie dates for later, when you are already dating a girl.


Again a terrible idea. Dinner dates tend to be too formal and boring. The girl will feel like she’s trapped for two hours and you’ll have to endure the annoying small talk.

boring first date

The worst case scenario is if you find out during the dinner that the girl and you don’t have anything in common, and you must finish the meal in awkwardness. Dinners are the worst idea especially if you plan to have sex on the first date.


You go to a club when you want to have fun, dance, and meet new girls. You don’t go to a club with a girl on a first date- ever.

Clubbing may be a good idea from time to time when you are already dating the girl, to keep things fresh.

The first date is an opportunity to get to know the girl better. Naturally, you want to talk and connect. On a first date, especially if you’ve met the girl online, you are still complete strangers, and that connection is yet to be formed.

You’ll have a tough time getting to know the girl in a packed club with music so loud you can’t hear yourself talk.

If your date is good looking, you’ll encounter yet another problem-competition. There’s a good chance that some guy will approach your girl the moment you turn your back to order drinks for the two of you.

If you lack experience with the club game and familiar with amogging, you could quickly lose the girl.

The Best Places to Visit on a First Date With a Girl You’ve Met Online.

The best first dates are fun, cheap, and simple.

Music bars and lounges

It’s best to choose a place like a quiet bar or a lounge where you can have one on one time with a girl, and you won’t be interrupted.

Lounges are my all time favorite go to places because more often than not they have these big sofas where you can sit with the girl, sip drinks and feel comfortable.

I know that not everyone likes alcohol, but it’s not called social lubricant without reason. A drink or two won’t kill anyone, and it will help you and the girl relax. After one drink you’ll find that you can talk about anything and that “stranger barrier” quickly disappears.

Also if your goal is the first date sex, alcohol is the perfect companion. People allow themselves to be freer when they have a drink or two. Alcohol is also a perfect excuse to end the date at your or girls place.

Action First Dates

Another great first idea, especially if you are looking for something more serious is to avoid alcohol altogether and go on an action date.

 You could take the girl bowling or to play a game of pool. Action dates are the best because you are not sitting in one place which tends to become tiresome after a while.

A simple action date idea is to take a walk around the city center. It’s an excellent opportunity to remove the barriers of physical touch between you and the girl. While you’re walking, you can playfully push her, tease her and best of all, lead her. Imagine that you are a captain and you are leading the way. Take a girl on an adventure.

An hour or two will pass, and it will seem like it’s been 10 minutes.

If you are using online dating as means to find a potential long-term girlfriend, you can treat first dates as a test of your compatibility. Invite the girl on a date you find exciting. If you love live concerts and she refuses, she just proved that she’s not the right kind of girl for you and that you two won’t get along very well. After all, compatibility is essential in healthy long-term relationships.

Taking a walk

If you are tired of bars, you can flip the script and propose something different. Invite the girl for a walk. You can buy coffee to go or ice cream and sip as you walk and pretend you’re tourists. It works like a charm.

Taking a walk as a first date is excellent because it gives you precious one on one time with the girl. Also, it’s an excellent opportunity to introduce a little bit of “kino” when the situation is appropriate. If you’re not familiar with the term “kino”-it’s a word from a pua jargon, and it means physical contact or touch.

If you are not so keen on walking, another option is bicycle ride or roller skating.

Now that you are well prepared and you planned everything before let’s discuss how to use the seduction ladder system on the actual date where it counts the most.

The System Step 3 – How To Use Seduction Ladder on First Dates

When you meet a girl on a first date, you two are complete strangers. Just think about it, you’ve exchanged a few messages and decided to meet on a date.  You know the bare minimum about each other. Ýou know the girl’s name, what she does for a living and you have a general perception of what kind of a girl she is. That’s it.

I learned from experience that you need to spend from four to seven hours with a girl before she feels comfortable enough to sleep with you. During that time she will get a good picture of you, what kind of a guy you are, and are you the type of guy she would like to have around.

In those four to seven hours, she needs to feel emotionally and physically safe with you.

The goal of the seduction ladder system is to bridge that gap between the girl and you, on an emotional and physical level. You can do all of that on the first date if you know what you are doing. That’s why it’s essential to go on lots of dates and practice because with time you will be doing these things unconsciously.

Here is how the seduction ladder system works.

Remove the barrier of physical contact as soon as possible

The first thing you do is remove the barriers of the physical touch, the moment you first meet the girl. You can do this by shaking a girl’s hand, but that’s too formal. A much better way is to hug the girl or even better to kiss her on the cheek. But don’t kiss the girl on both cheeks like you kiss your grandma for Christmas. Kiss the girl on one cheek only, as the Europeans do it. It’s more classy and gives that intimate touch.

kissing on the first date

You can even shake her hand gently, and kiss her on the cheek at the same time. It instantly removes all physical barriers, and your life will be much easier from that point forward. Later during the date, it will be much easier to touch her playfully, and you won’t feel the pressure because you’ve already done that.

People enjoy physical contact and especially girls. Through touch, you show the girl that you are a sexually open guy, not afraid to physically express himself.

Show you’re a leader on the first date.

You must always lead the girl and yourself. All the responsibility for the date going well is on you. Leading starts the moment you match the girl on a dating site.

After you meet her and greet her like a real sexy guy, take the lead and invite her to the date location you’ve prepared beforehand.

You can say something like this:

Hey, I know this cool place, they have the best beer in town, let’s check it out.

When you say it with confidence, it looks like you know what you are talking about, and the girl will follow along. You just presented yourself as a leader with a plan.

When you arrive at your date location, think strategically about where you’ll sit. You should sit as close the girl as possible, and try to avoid the situation where you two sit across each other. If you sit close to each other, it feels more romantic and gives you more opportunity for physicality.

Here’s a good tip: always let the girl sit first. That way when she has positioned herself, you can sit right next to her. If you sit first and she decides to sit across the table- and girls have a tendency to do that- it lt will look very awkward to get up and switch places. Make it seem effortless and not preconceived. 

Lead the conversation but be a good listener

A lot of guys are struggling with this. They think that they don’t have exciting stories to tell and are afraid they will run out of things to say.

But to solve this problem, all you need to do is to change the way you think about things. Your mindset should be to have fun on the first date. You came to the date to see if the girl is the right girl for you.

Be the one who asks the girl questions. My rule is always to let the girl talk more. People tend to feel more connected and comfortable when they feel like the other party is listening to what they have to say. So be a good listener.

Ask the girl interesting questions and genuinely try to get to know her. Ask her about her passions and her hobbies. Talk about interesting topics, like travel, love, romance, movies, music. It can be anything as long as you avoid boring issues like politics, religion, and broad philosophical debates.

The possibilities to have a fun conversation are endless. An excellent way to practice this if you are not a natural talker is to talk to yourself for 5 minutes a day about random things that pop into your mind. Just start a random sentence and pick one word from that sentence. Then come up with another sentence using that word. When you get in the groove, you can continue talking randomly for hours if you want. It all comes with practice. If you practice this for a week or two, you won’t have to worry about running out of conversation topics. But try to do it in private, to avoid being labeled as the guy who talks to himself.

An example would be something like this:  I’ll start with a random sentence.

Johnny has a fast motorcycle. Motorcycles are exciting and fun. Fun people laugh at funny things. It’s funny when people randomly fall. I’ve never fallen from the bike, but I have dropped from the snowmobile.

You get the point. Just talk and talk and let your imagination take over. We all have interesting things to say, but we afraid to express ourselves. Remove that filter.

After an hour, it’s best to change location because staying in one place for too long tends to become monotonous. Propose to go for a walk somewhere or to go to a different bar for another round of drinks.

Continue the light and fun conversation and try to plant the seed in girls mind that you want to show her something interesting later. Your vagueness will make her curious, and she’ll want to know more about your plan.

If you talked about your dog before, and she seemed interested, you could say that you’ll invite her later to your place so that she can meet your dog. But make it fun and add something like: maybe you’ll have the honor to meet my dog later, but I can’t promise, because he doesn’t like it when I bring strange girls home. It’s funny and challenging. It also hints that you don’t tend to bring strange girls back to your place that often.

That way you can plant a seed in her mind that the two of you will end up at your place later.

Always try to escalate on the first date

The most important thing to keep mind is always to try to escalate on the first date. That’s what the seduction ladder is all about. Gauge the situation at all times and pay attention to the signs a girl is giving to you.

Girls give us signs that they like us all the time, but we are too oblivious to see them because we are too busy worrying to leave a good impression.

If a girl likes you, she will smile at your corny jokes, or she will look you attentively while you speak. She will return physicality and touch you back, and she will follow your lead. Pay attention to those signs.

If there is a spark between the two of you, you’ll feel it. If you feel like you want to kiss the girl, try to kiss her. Don’t hold back.

The worst thing that can happen is that you get the cheek. But at least you tried and showed her that you have guts to try.

Some girls have a rule that they don’t kiss on the first date, and that’s ok. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying to kiss her. If she agreed to show up on a date with you, she probably at least expects that you’ll try to kiss her. And if you see the opportunity and miss it, you’ll undoubtedly regret it later. 

Invite the girl to your place

After you’ve kissed the girl the next step in the seduction ladder is to invite her to your place, where you will have more privacy.

If you’ve followed the plan, you already prepared the ground and planted the seed in her mind. Have some reason for inviting her. Maybe you have a bottle of wine or a movie you have been waiting to watch. The reason is not essential as long as you don’t blatantly say- Hey let’s go to my place to have sex.

The girl already knows that there is a possibility that the two of you will end up having sex. Your job is to invite her and lead.

At this point, some girls will accept your offer and others will decline. The important thing is to keep escalating and not look needy. Don’t harass the girl if she doesn’t want to have sex on the first date. There is always the second date. Pay attention to the signals the girl gives you and turn on your social awareness. That’s something you’ll naturally get better at with more dates under your belt.

The best seducers all have one quality in common; they are patient. They know that sex is inevitable if they play their cards right. If not on the first date, then on the second or third.  Pressuring the girl only scares her away.

Should You Push For Sex on The First Date?

The goal of dating is to meet a beautiful girl you like and to be intimate with her. I think that the girl is not entirely yours until you’ve slept together.

So it is always in your best interest, and girls also to have sex as soon as the situation is right. Always strike when the iron is hot.

But pushing for sex on the first date doesn’t mean to force sex. Like in every other part of the system you should use your social awareness and read the situation. That means to pay close attention to the girl’s reactions, and  signals she’s maybe giving you.

How many times have you returned home from a date and kicked yourself for not going for it when the girl was giving you all the signals that she wants to you to kiss her? You were aware of what was happening, but something stopped you from going for it.

It’s not a surprise when all day we are surrounded with Hollywood movies portraying guys as sensitive and considerate shells of men, who are afraid to show they have balls in their pants.

Show your intent-but don’t force it!

It’s always better to show your intention and try to at least kiss the girl on the first date. That way you are clearly showing the girl you like her, and she knows what to expect in the future. You prevent placing yourself in the friend zone.

Will you have sex on the first date depends on a lot of factors. If the girl is a conservative type and not very sexually liberated, don’t bet that you’ll get lucky on the first date.

On the other hand, some girls fully enjoy the perks of the societies liberal view on sexuality, and they will not shy away from sleeping with you if you play your cards right.

Should you push for the sex on the first date also depends on your goals, or what is it that you’re looking for in your current phase in life.

Do you want to find a long-term relationship partner or maybe a potential marriage partner? If so, it’s better to slow down a bit and not push for sex so much. Choosing a long-term relationship partner is much more serious matter than finding someone just for a night of steamy sex.

With more experience, you’ll be able to read the situation better and recognize when to sexualize the situation more on the first dates and when to slow down.

But if you’re still inexperienced, remember always to try to escalate in some way. Try to touch the girl’s hand first, then when you feel the moment to try to kiss the girl, then invite the girl to spend more time with you alone.

And don’t forget to have fun in the meantime. Dating is fun, and it’s exciting. It’s time for you to relax and unwind from stresses of everyday life.

And one more thing.

Don’t Be a Slave To The System.

Now that you learned about seduction ladder system for first dates let ‘s put things into perspective.

I know all of this sounds like too much hassle and work, but it isn’t.

The system is designed to help you organize the best possible first dates and get you closer to your goals with less effort. After you gain some experience, you’ll be doing these steps without thinking about it. It will become a second nature to plan and control what you can control.

But the system is not perfect. It has its flaws and sometimes things won’t go as you planned. The girls will flake, you’ll be late on the first date,  the girls will ghost after the first date when you thought that the date went great, etc.

Sometimes you’ll be able to skip the steps in the system and sleep with a girl on the first date without even going on the first date. These things happen.

So never let the system become your master. It is here to serve you and help you, not hold you down with all the rules and steps.

Always go with the flow and enjoy your first dates.

When you meet that special girl and the chemistry is crazy, you’ll see that there is no need for a system.


So there you have it. The complete process of how to meet girls online, organize fun first dates and lead them from hello to sex. If you practice it and master the steps, you’ll never again have problems meeting new girls. Say goodbye to dry spells and lonely nights.

If you master the system, you’ll be able to meet new girls and have sex with them all in the same week. And the best of all is that you can keep the system going for as long as you want and always have your pipeline full of new prospects.

You can use the system to meet a girlfriend, a potential wife, to have random one night stands or to live a life like a playboy and have a rotation of girls you keep seeing. You can have your little harem.

As always, have fun & stay safe.

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