The Plenty Of Fish Chemistry Predictor

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Heres a quick description of the Plenty Of Fish Chemistry Predictor
As of today’s date almost 15 million people have taken the plenty of fish chemistry predictor or POFCP for not so short.
Plenty of fish believes that there are 5 personality traits that must be matched before your relationship can flourish.
By taking the POFCP you are able to receive matches from the pof database who you are most likely suited to.
Pof’s chemistry predictor measures:
Social Dependency or Openness, Self Confidence, Easy Goingness , Self Control, Family Orientation
It can be found at
Based on a statistical model and the couples who were successfully matched previously (from the 15 million strong database) you get pof’s best guess on who you should be dating.


How dependent someone is on the emotional and financial support of others is a measure of attractiveness.
If you are able to keep emotionally stable and are able to support a family without the reliance of others your relative attractiveness increases.
When we compare this to someone who is in constant need of emotional support and validation while completely reliant on the government for financial aid they would quite obviously score poorly.

Self Confidence

Another great measure used by plenty of fish’s chemistry predictor to gauge how confident and assured a user is of their goals and beliefs. This is measured using both public and private contexts. Confidence in ones trust in their ability to perform and come up with the results but is it also has alot to do with internal assurance.
The ability to shrug off criticism because you are confident about the direction and principles in your life is also an attractive attribute.

Easy Going

Some people are generally uptight and stressed while others are laid back and relaxed under pressure.
It’s arguable whether like attracts like within this category but the plenty of fish chemistry predictor scores you on relative “easy goingness” and most likely matches you with other easy going folk.

Self Control

No one likes a guy/girl who can’t control themselves. Whether this be their temper or fondness for drugs your ability control yourself is a good measure of attractiveness.
Everything in moderation is good way to look at self control and if someone is getting wasted every night there is little time to commit to life goals and other hobbies.
Some people also have anger issues which they cannot control, this filter by plenty of fish allows you to receive matches based on your ability to control yourself even in the face of temptation.

Family Orientation

This is filter is not to say being more family orientated is a good or a bad thing but more of a matching filter.
Some people are very connected to their family and family values and time are very important to them. You want to be matched with a girl or guy who shares your love for kids and family connection.
Or you might be completely disconnected from your family and dislike kids. Once again you would most likely want to be matched with a partner with a similar attitude.

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