Plenty Of Fish Dating 20,000 New People Every Day


Did you know that plenty of fish get 20,000 new people online every single day? A pretty amazing statistic when you think about it… Thats 20,000 people from around the world currently looking for a relationship signing up right about now.
But thats on top of the the millions of other users registered.
If you are not one for mucking around and want to get free dates fast, Plenty of usually have around 65,000 users online at any one time so you can be sure to find people when you visit the site.
There are downsides to using free online dating sites and that is the proliferation of fake user profiles and malicious or bad tasting users.
E.G users from western Africa looking to get married to a US citizen
Or to con them into sending money so that can “visit” which did occur in the past and may still.


Whether this sort of spam still occurs to this extent within plenty of fish is uncertain but the fact that dont have the option for most east African countries in their sign up form suggests they do not want the users to sign up in the first place!
This is going a little off topic but staying within the bounds of the few downsides of free online dating sites is the picture below:
This is a screen shot of where google thinks people are search for the keyword “online dating community”
A relatively steady trend since Aug09 with 100% of users from senegal west africa searching and perhaps signing up at sites such as 4ppl and plentyoffish
I am not suggesting these countries are bad in any way just you need to know who you are talking with and what there intentions are…
Perhaps it is just this keyword causing funny statisitcs.
Or a proxy company based in Senegal?
Whatever the story here it pays to know who you are chatting with:
– Video chat ( excellent way to put REAL face to name)
– Often the profile will include a google map of current location which is helpful (based on current browsing lat long)

Plenty Of Fish – Is it worth the creepy spammy users?

So the question really is , is the nature of free dating sites working against them?
Does the allowance of everyone to sign up rather than the sites such as which allow only rich  users from USA etc reduce the quality and user experience?
Does it reduce it enough to harm them?
Well clearly it will reduce it slightly but the fact that 20,000 users sign up every single day indicates plentyoffish are full steam ahead.
The money gained from advertising can, and most likely has, been put into advanced tools to ensure users will bad intent are flagged.
Highlighting distasteful users needs to be done early however and who will be the one to test whether they have bad intent or not?

Comments about free online dating sites and the random users they attract?

3 thoughts on “Plenty Of Fish Dating 20,000 New People Every Day”

  1. i have been tring to get on for more than a year i feel out all the forms it says some will call you but i have never heard from anyone i have left this comment several times before

    1. Not sure I understand your question man…
      Simply fill out the necessary details within
      “you have been trying to get on for more than a year”
      haha what?
      and you should be good to go.
      not that hard don

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