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Plenty Of Fish currently has a very strong member database, some 18 million members and growing! This following keeps their forums updated and full of interesting stories and insightful experiences with online dating.

Relationship Issues
The plenty of fish forums comprise of members asking relationship or hobby related questions to other pof members. There are typically around 50-200 replies/answers to question.
The relationship section of the plenty of fish forums has questions relating to:
Dating after divorce, the nature of sexual realtionships without emotions, Marriage, friendship, friendship relationship timing, Marriage, ex stuff, anger and emotional issues etc. Pretty much any sort of relationship issue you can think of will be inside one of the plenty of fish forums the problem is finding the right one. You are able to search the forum and filter by “Thread Title”

Poems And Quotes
The poems and quotes section of pof forums looks like a bunch of peoples self written poems or lines from songs that they like. This area of the plenty of fish forums likely isn’t worth your time.

Dating Experiences
A pretty cool section of plenty of fish is the dating experiences section: this is where you can learn a lot or at least get a lot of perspective from other users. Some of the posts will be real eye openers for some people that are knew to the dating game. By reading some of the forum posts from plenty of fish you get a real sense of the personality types that are on the members area.
A lot of the plenty of fish users are very experienced daters and have a ton of stories to share with the world. Some members have recently come out of a divorce and are asking the web what experiences they had with divorce and how to cope.
A thread within dating experiences is FUNNY FIRST DATES:
More crazy dating experiences here about dumpster diving! This guy took a women from plenty of fish dumpster diving on their first date and she actually liked it… haha now thats being creative. If you can find the right places to go apparently you can get your hands on a bunch of cool stuff… insane
Here is a post with a girl being in the unlikely position of never being approached by a guy
Heres a cool thread about a guy who is actually not all about the superficial party scene… There are heaps of people that don’t go out to bars and clubs which poses some interesting problems when trying to meet women. Working on your “day game” or just getting to know women within your own hobby area is a good place to start.
I think there are actually a TON of more interesting people outside the world of plenty of fish or late night raving. Meeting healthy singles at the pool or out running is a much healthier way to find love.

Dating Over 30

MILF’S, Cougars and everything related. Guys interested in dating younger girls and observations about women being interested in younger guys.
The question on a lot of guys minds who are interested in dating older women is … are they more sexually active or “hornier” than girls in their 20’s
according to this post older women are not more sexually active they are just more in tune with what they want and what they need. They discover and understand their body and as a result the sex is longer and better.

Dating Singles Parents

This plenty of fish forum topic is all about issues relating to single parent dating
Divorce babies kids step father/step mother pregnancy jealousy single men and women issues adoption parenting
Dating mothers:
Is it a red flag if you find out a women has kids? Would you date a women if she had kids and do you think it suggests something about the bad choices of the past?
Here is a post where a guy asks a perfectly normal question…
Why are there so many young pregnant girls on plenty of fish? (18-22…)
He then gets questioned about morals from other misinformed forum members… beginning to think plenty of fish forums is full of insidious egotistical fools.
Dunning Kruger Effect At Play Here? It’s the only thing I can come up with at this early hour of the morning to explain why users would crucify and slander a guy for asking a simple question. Going through “hardship” in your earlier years doesn’t automatically add to your ability to answer in a coherent and unbiased fashion. I have a feeling pof attracts these middle to lower class daters with inflated senses of intelligence and self worth.
Anyway enough ranting: here was the post

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  4. Met my husband on POF. We have been married almost 2 years now. He is perfect. <3

  5. Met my husband on POF. We have been married almost 2 years now. He is perfect. <3