Plenty Of Fish How To Guide

How To Date Plenty Of Fish

Step 1. Create a profile!

Click on the register icon or text on the homepage. You will be taken to the signup page and you simply follow the on screen steps.

Step 2. Upload an image!

Crucial for any sort of connection at plenty of fish is the image. Keep images present and of your face.
You have two options when uploading an image to your profile. You can either use the old upload or new flash (coding term) uploadeder.
Feel free to upload up to 8 images of yourself in varies situations and angles. The more images the more chance of connection and response from other singles.
Your plenty of fish thumbnail is a reduced version of the original image for quick loading and viewing. Your profile photo is how other pof singles with connect and recognise you so it’s important that you choose wisely.
You can make your photo public so other users can rate it.

Step 3. Create a detailed profile!

Once the basics are set you are going to want to edit your profile and tell everyone a little more about yourself. Once again you don’t want to skimp on this step as an empty profile is unlikely to get any attention.
Click on the edit profile link at the top of the page and fill in the details.

Step 4. Go fishing!

You are now ready to find out who is in your area! Pretty self explanatory one again simply navigate to the search button and search for matches in your city. Filter by gender age and location etc.
Make sure you read each users profile and figure out what sort of person they are. By having a fairly clear picture of what you want before you search you are able to narrow down the results.

Step 5. Send a message!

By now you will have found several profiles that you like: So you should send them a quick message and let them know. This can be anything from “hi” to a full blown description of yourself. It pays to keep the introductory message short and sweet.
If you on the users profile that you want to message then just click on the message box to the right hand side of the page which is a quick message. If you want to send a more detailed message then go to the bottom of the page and click MESSAGE.
You can also attach a private picture when you send detailed messages which adds to the personal touch.

Optional Step 6. Upgrade to a Serious

Only certain people are allowed to upgrade and you are required to fill out a personality test here:
It basically determines if you are dating material. EG if you are only looking for casual dating and your integrity and sincerity is low you might get turned down.
Why go for the serious membership?
You get to add 16 personal pictures rather than 8.
You are recognised as an upgraded member by others so you will get more attention. You get a small star next to your profile which makes that obvious.
Access to all of the profile themes.

Plenty Of Fish Instant Messaging

Instant messaging or IM is a small application allowing you to instant message users that are online now. (or though I didn’t notice it when I was online…)
When you are logged into plenty of fish simple click on the ONLINE button at the top of the page.
Then click on the IM USER. This gives you the powerful ability to communicate using webcam and microphone! Pretty impressive if you can video chat through plenty of fish.
This was historically only for the paid dating sites but webcam software and applications are becoming all the more popular these days so you might just find a single with webcam ability.
Plenty OF Fish IM
The IM application the plenty of fish offers allows users to add and block users as well as send kisses. Apparently you can also send “smacks” which I assume is some funny play on bdsm.
The plenty of fish IM application also allows you to send auto messages as well as invite other singles to play games with you.
Online Now
What would be useful is to figure out who was last online and what date so that you could focus on them.
What POF does do is let you know who is online now. Click on the ONLINE text at the top left and you will get a list of online users in your specified area.
It will also list users in order of when they were last online so it’s pretty much the same. Exact dates are always nice though.
Often you will find if you go into the Ratings section there are a ton of men ready to be rated but all the women have already been rated. Either women don’t like rating guys, there are to many guys, or guys just love rating women. Either way the rating system is not really worth it.
You rate out of 10 and it is usually pretty brutal.
What is ‘Hottest 500 People?
Exactly that really. These are the singles that everybody is rating highly ranked by highest rating. They will typically have the most attractive profile pictures.
How do I delete my Voting History?
When you vote someone on plenty of fish they will show up as one of your fans if you picked 7 or higher.
Anyone voted 7 or lower doesn’t get added and they don’t show up they just get voted lower on that specific voting picture. Apparently you cant actually delete your voting history. Only replace the history with fresh votes.

Searching & Browsing Plenty Of Fish

How do I add someone to my Favourites?
That’s easy. Navigate to the single that you want to add and when you are on their profile scroll down to the bottom of the page and then click add to favourites.
If someone else has added you to their favs and you don’t want to be included for whatever reason click on ‘Found Out Who Has Selected You as a Favourite’ then press REMOVE from the profile in question.
Why can I not find my profile in the search?
For others to find you in a search you need to qualify and pass other singles search criteria such as “no looking for casual encounter” or “not a smoker”
If you are logged you cant see your own profile.
If you want to set up your own plenty of fish search criteria because . eg you don’t want to go out with a smoker , navigate to the MAIL SETTINGS page.


What is the ‘Chemistry Test’?
The plenty of fish chemistry test as created to test and measure a users personality an how they rate and will cope with relationships. Once you fill out the chemistry test other users can see your results and see if you are someone they would get along with.

Plenty of fish questions you on 5 broad dimensions such as how romantic you are, how family orientated you are, how emotionally stable you are etc. It’s not so much the results you should be worried about but how well yours matches with others.
It’s also nice to get some feedback on your own personality. Singles of plenty of fish are often surprised at their own personality results.
Rarely does anyone get someone telling them how they act in certain situations. You cant really score high or low on these tests but you can answer the tests incorrectly.
If you try to guess which question will show you in the best light you completely missing the point of the exercise.
The point is that these chemistry tests help you attract compatible matches. If you lie you will be attracting the wrong people.
The results from your chemistry test are put into a statistical model which thousands of other plenty of fish users have also taken.
The successful matching’s of the past are used as predictors of the future.
You top 40 matches are the top 4% of the model output.
What is the ‘Relationship Needs Assessment’ Test?
The relationship needs assessment discovers hidden needs and produces actionable dating plans from the information you provide.
The assessment makes educated guesses at your needs based on pattern and sequence of answers that you give. None of these tests will be as complex as eHarmony of course but they do a great job for free.
Rather than just guessing if someone is good enough to date you or if they are “relationship material” the relationship needs assessment gives you a helping hand and guides you to the right person.
Remember once you have taken the test you cant redo them so make up your mind and get it right the first time.

Points & Gifts

How do I collect points?
Send gifts to other users and receive 60 points for a maximum of 6000 plenty of fish points.
What are gifts?
Gifts are either PAID or FREE to send depending on if they are public or private. Free gifts are send with login credits.
Meaning the more frequently you login the more free gifts you can send. To send a public paid gift you have to buy goldfish credits.
What are roses?
Every user receives 2 roses when they signup which is why you see everyone with 2 roses at the bottom of their profile. You can only send a rose once every 30 days so choose carefully.

Date Night & Events

How do I sign up for Date Night?
The date night feature of plenty of fish is a list of users that are ready to date someone on the Friday night coming up.
This gives users a local place to let other users know they are open to go out that night. The list refreshes once a week so you are not stuck on their every week.
If you’d like to organize an event you need to go into the forums under your city, click on events, and then click on add EVENT.


How do my Weekly Matched work?
The matches icon is simply a function of your profile settings. The singles that are displayed their are from the country you selected and are the gender you are interested in. Plenty of fish also takes into account the actions you took on the site.
Remember the more information you give the better it can match you and find you a date.
In the end though it is up to you to get searching and get emailing users.

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