Plenty Of Fish Login Problems

The most common problem is not being able to login from the homepage at
You often try to login with your username and password and it doesn’t work
The obvious solution is to check that you have not changed your username recently or forgotten your password. CAPSLOCK might be on or you might be typing it incorrectly.
However that is a really obvious reason and you will have already tried that right?
Other plenty of fish login problem fixes:
Changing your browser from IE to Firefox or chrome.
Check if you have added any new software
Check if you have the google T5 browser bar installed.
Sometimes plenty of fish is just down or unable to be access so try back in a few hours
Have you upgraded to IE 8 recently? If this is the case do a quick install of google chrome and try logging into pof that way.
Ensure cookies are enabled; If it still doesn’t work delete all cookies and browser history.
By enabling cookies you need to ensure that these urls:
are not blocked by some sort of browser firewall or cookie block.
Do this via tools>internet options.
Try deleting temporary internet files and then reloading browser and logging back into plenty of fish.
If you have changed you pof password make sure “remember password” is not on.
If you running Norton anti virus check out this post:
Delete cookies and temporary internet files
You might have bots redirecting you: download a free anti virus like AVG and try a scan.
Go to Or and try logging into plenty of fish from these proxy services.
Try editing host files
Delete any toolbars such as my web toolbars: they love blocking everything else but there ads.
If all else fails shut down you computer and try again: Desperate times now

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  1. Plenty of Fish Login problems AGAIN…. in Canada….
    Countless people have reported leaving the free service POF ( a 2 person company) because they can’t access their IN-BOX… or they insist that ….. your password has expired ?????
    and does not accept any NEW passwords….. !!!
    talk about a negligent company !!!!
    this has been going on for over 2 weeks.. we are now Jan 27th 2011
    and they don’t care…..
    and i have found several other sites that are better…
    After telling them that i do IT myself… i have received 2 emails insulting me that i can’t basically use a computer … written probably by a young person that can’t spell or phrase a sentence correctly !!
    Markus the owner is not that hot of an IT guy after all…

  2. Everytime I try to login today, it redirects me to google. Its the only site doing it and it also doing it on my phone. Any suggestions?

  3. I usually get kicked off because i go off at rude people but ive tried so many times to sign up again but all it keeps saying is im using the wrong symbols like > or ‘ BUT IM NOT! Weehh i wanna cry so hard because my mates didnt get my number and thats the only way i could of talked to them! AAARRRRGGHHH

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