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Or though not your most beautiful dating website, plenty of fish gets the job done.
Plenty of fish login has had some problems of late due to the sheer volume of users flocking to the site in search of love online. This number of daters may be putting strain on the script that runs it or a database that’s ballooning in size.
Plenty of fish login is easy – obviously if you are looking to login then you already have an account with pof. If you forget your plentyoffish username or password you can reset these if you can remember which email you used to register.
Plenty of fish registration couldn’t be easier
Simply navigate to
Fill out your
birth date
captcha information to prevent spam
and click agree on the pof terms of service.
You may have to confirm your email by navigating to your email inbox and clicking on the confirm link.
Yes the site plenty of fish has its difficulties including rumours of fake female profiles however usually true in life – you get what you pay for.
It takes you less than 2 minutes with no cash and you have access to the many thousands of online users.
So if you want to go the free route as far as dating sites and trial it out before moving on to a more professional paid service then plenty of fish is the logical step.
Downsides that you might encounter are the potential for fake users
You might see a lot of male users on the site when compared to female
Its not a pretty site but the features a pretty good
So the way I see it login to plenty of fish and have fun all for free. If you find yourself complaining about some of the feature remember you are getting it all for free.
If you want a more professional approach you can always try something crazy like elitemeeting, which is the opposite end of the spectrum. There you might find rich arrogant dudes and gold diggers 😉 , just kidding.
If you are still having problems logging in read this post:
It includes a few useful links to plenty of fish forums and FAQ’s
Looks like the url plenty of fish .com now redirects to which maybe causing some login problems…
try deleting your cookies and history
Logging in through a different browswer (chrome,opera, ie, mozilla)
try resetting your password
if all else fails get a new account

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  1. I can find me in pof site but I cannot log in refuses my e-mail address and password says not good –Whats up bee_catcher or bee-catcher ? I am both.

  2. I closed my acct. about a month ago. I would like to reactivate, it states that my email address is already in use by another member. How can that be? It is my home email acct.? How can I re-activate my account?

    1. Perhaps pof never really fully delete your account – nobody else has used your account – it’s referencing your old pof account. It’ll still be in the database somewhere – if you want to get a new account I would recommend grabbing a new email address gmail, ymail, aol etc and creating your account with that.

  3. i filled out my profile and thought i was all setup,then when i went back it kept going back to same page…i filled it out numerous times and i cant seem log in…please help…thnx

  4. This suxs on minute im talking the next minute it wont let me through.

  5. I had not been able to log in , could you send me and email with the information that I need
    thank you

    1. i cannot log in, error message says in the change over from to my browser changed my password but wont emaik me a new one please help