Plenty Of Fish Multiple System Failures


Plentyoffish is currently down as a result of multiple system failures and service will be restored later today.
This is funny… I wonder what happened
To many users from Senegal mabey
Whatever the case the whole plenty of fish dating site has been offline due to system failure.
I am sure they will have it up and running in no time.
In the mean time sign up for a REAL dating site

2 thoughts on “Plenty Of Fish Multiple System Failures”

  1. Haha really? Watch out for those Mexican gang bangers over their huh. Nah thats a bit racists mate. Dont they perform most of the low paid labor jobs? Unless you want to do them keep em coming

  2. No I would say to many scumm from Mexico.Like the Mexicans have over run the united states and the hispanics will be the majority by the year 2030.

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