Plenty Of Fish Review (Updated)

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UPDATE: The pof site has had an overhaul! The site is overflowing with singles chatting and emailing. If you can deal with the ads and the style of users match what your looking for you should check out!

Plenty Of Fish Dating Site

There are MANY positives to using plenty of fish… However below I list a bunch of negatives.
YES I understand that it is free and that there are a whole heap of users logging in each day…
There are so many alternatives for dating sites now I just dont see why you would use plenty of fish over other sites

For one the graphics and user interface is TERRIBLE

I cant believe they haven’t updated the site graphics and skin/buttons within the site yet. With all the revenue that plenty of fish generates this would be a SIMPLE fix for the users that it obviously doesn’t value.

Feature Rich free online date site?

Once again No
With a bulky annoying sign up asking multiple questions to problems signing in plenty of fish is obviously straining under the pressure of its apparent popularity.
Had any chance with spammer male users coming onto to you and pleading for sex… lame, the male to female ratio at this site is horrible because no incentive for female users to enter site exists.
As a result you have a bunch of random male users from senegal of all places trying to luck out and get a marriage in the US or UK so they can escape their lame corrupt country. Or worse con you into sending cash to them.
Ok that could be an exaggeration but these things happen.
You are better to cough up a few bucks at a paid moderated site and get a professional service…

How much is your future relationship worth to you?

I should hope ALOT
If your not prepared to shell out 1 months paid dating service fee for your future loved one then who would want to shack up with you?
Plenty of fish has its merits – the huge database of profiles I must admit is pretty impressive however once again they fall short, There have been rumors of scraping female profiles and creating fake bitches to flesh out the site.
Now whether this is true no one really knows (probably just shoemoney talking shit to get readers, hey hes a great marketer and scandal sells huh)
So if you really want to find a women or man online you should first think how much money your partner is worth to you.
The question is silly (a bit like the title of this page)
The value of your partner is
so you should be prepared to invest money into finding him or her
People at free dating sites like plenty of fish sadly are either:
or all of the above…
On the whole you get what you pay for with plenty of fish…
Some ok coding / lots of ok members and a 1990s graphic theme thrown together by a 5th grader
woohoo go plenty of fish:
Great marketing team though

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