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According to popular independent traffic reporting companies plenty of fish (pof) was the most popular online dating site of 2010.
By “most popular” they mean the most visited. People love the word FREE which makes plenty of fish such a great choice. There are other free dating sites such as okcupid but plenty of fish seems to have taken off.
Whether it be because of market timing and the sheer size of the user base or just word of mouth, plenty of fish is the free online dating site of choice.
Despite the awful graphics and simple interface owner markus frind obviously knows what he is doing.
135 Million monthly visitors!

Plentyoffish is the most visited dating site in the USA Canada And the UK…

Plenty of fish do have some sort of matching system, it’s got nothing on eHarmonys matching system obviously but you’re not paying $40+ per month.
You get matched to other plenty of fish users in your area based on “emotional needs” and hopefully find someone in which you can establish a long lasting meaningful and stable relationship… free!
One really cool feature of plenty of fish is the Needs Test
Even if you don’t know what you want (MOST PEOPLE DONT) in face most people have absolutely no idea what they are looking for in a relationship they just want to be happy. But it really helps to know who you are compatible with before you get searching. The plenty of fish needs test really helps you discover your yourself and what you should be looking for within the site.
The pof needs test indicates where you might have screwed up in the past so that you don’t make the same mistake twice.
Plenty of fish also presents 33 issues that are crucial for long term dating success. So it’s almost like your personal relationship coach.

Plentyoffish Relationship Needs Assessment

Plenty of fish has realized that many of its users have little idea of how to use the site effectively. Not how to functionally navigate the site but rather what they are actually looking for in a partner and what to ask them when the time comes.
This is where the relationship needs assessment comes in. Basically it gives you a customised action plan on how to react to the attention you receive on the site. Which questions to answer to maximise the success you have on plenty of fish based on how you fill out the assessment. You may have hidden needs that you didn’t know existed or perhaps you have no idea what to say when you receive emails from the opposite sex. Now you have no excuse when it comes to what to ask potential partners on the site.
Remember the advice you get all depends on the answers you give. So you will have to know some things about yourself and what you want from the dating experience. The system will do it’s best to match you with other plenty of fish users who you are compatible with but if you give ambiguous answers it will not be able to filter effectively. Or you will just be shown a bunch of users that are as equally clueless as you.

The Plentyoffish Relationship Chemistry Predictor (POFCP)

POF has narrowed down a successful relationship to 5 broad areas of compatibility. Each one of these dating dimensions needs to be matched between the singles for healthy romantic chemistry building.
Self Confidence
Family Life
Self Control
Nature (laid back, stressed)
The plenty of fish system is based on a statistical model of passed relationships rather than a psychological test of your compatibility. So the model is reliant on past relationships within the site.
Plenty of fish rates your self confidence on several questions and the answers you provide.
How much you love being around your family and how important they are to you.
How controlled you are: Smoking, drinking, emotional control
Your personal nature: spiritual or stressed Wall Street trader.

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Currently 15,204,978 Plentyoffish users have taken the test. I urge you to answer 100% honestly, you will be biased and everyone is to some extent but if you lie you are only cheating yourself.
If you are a stressed banker from new York and say that your a laid back pot smoking Californian there is very little chance your matches are going to be able to both get along with you or even see your point of view.
I mentioned above that plenty of fish has grown so quickly and successfuly because they entered the free dating market at the right time. But they also must have grew due to word of mouth, meaning people are having positive experiences online with pof. So apart from being feature on all the major news shows like CNN and FOX plenty of fish as grown person by person as a result of successfully matching singles.

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