PL’s Top Ten Online Dating Communication Tips

Better Online Dating Communication

Online to find a single near you but don’t know how to go about it? Here are 10 tips for online dating communication from
signup through to meeting them for the first time.

Creating your online dating profile – Heres what to do

Step 1. Clarity In Profile Description

Improve the quality and relevancy of your profile responses by being clear about who you are and what you want.

This can be done by stating exactly what you want.

Say your name is Suzy from Houston Texas: You create your first profile and are not to sure what to put in it. As a result your profile is vague at best, both about your own personal qualities and what you want from the experience.

Thanks to the dating site she was signed up to she receives many responses from men in her inbox. The problem is that most of them she does not relate to, in fact most of the men are not even in her desired age bracket. She spends time filtering though emails and responds to a few that she likes.

Because her dating profile was vague the responses were vague. By leaving her online dating profile up to the interpretation of the reader she leaves herself open to unwanted company.

First decide what you want out of the experience… Then craft your profile around who you want to attract. The more specific you get the happier you will be with the responses.

Often you will only want to receive responses from users within 30 minutes drive from your location and within 1 year either side of your age. If you don’t specify what you want, Dont expect people to read into your profile picture and guess right.

Step 2. Use Of Dating Profile Headline

Many users are often stumped as to what to put in their headline. Why not use it as an extra filter for who you are looking for.

Often a lot of men wont read the profile description but the headline is used and read first. To further clarify who you are looking for use ages and locations in your headline.

“Looking to chat with men near Housten, 36-38 years old only”

Everybody will see this headline – everyone now knows not to send her a message unless they qualify. Yes with this headline less people will contact you. If so simply ease up on the qualifiers such as location and age.

You can also use comedy and catchy headlines rather than qualifiers to increase response rate. Use them together and you have used your dating profile just right.

Step 3. Call To Action

If you find you are not getting as many responses from your online dating efforts as you wish then use a call to action.

This is a direct message to viewers of your profile to do something.

If you are interested in contacting me send me and email/flirt and I will get back to your within 48 hours.

State What Action You Want Interested People to Take

“Hey as a guy I see flirts and emails as a sign of interest and to reply via email. If you are interested in chatting with me
simply send me a wink or email me.”
Often emails are paid by the person who replies. This way as a man you take the pressure off the women to make the first move. State this in your profile.

Step 4. Communication Grammar

Unless you know yourself and your target audience WELL using dollar signs and slang words like Baabe, gurl, and sexy turn women away.

Having a name like “sexxykitten34” is or “s$ud43” is really asking for trouble. Unless of course you know what you are after
– these usernames typically only attract women with fetishes for the very well endowed.

In the end it’s all about being real honest and up front. The more you display these qualities in your online dating profile the better.

Step 5. Respect

Just because you are sitting behind a computer screen should not give you the right to be rude to someone. Especially if they have done nothing in the first place. Be respectful of users online and the decisions they make.

Examples of online etiquette you should use :

Introduce yourself by name and use their name when communicating.

Politely excuse yourself and thank them when chatting rather than disappearing. Comment courtesy goes a long way even if it is online.

Step 6. Honesty

Communication barriers between male and female users can often leave a lot to interpretation.

Tell women/men you are enjoying the time spent chatting and that you think the two of you have a lot in common.

Also if you are not interested and someone keeps direct messaging you mabey they think you are ? If you keep replying they will keep contacting you. Simply politely excuse yourself from the contact rather than leading someone on and wasting both you time.

Step 7. Conversation

Make sure that you read the members profile before messaging them. Quality and engaging conversation usually stems from like minded people chatting over common interests. You need to find out a little bit about this person before sending them a message. This ensures that the message is not generic, the personal touch means a lot.

Step 8. Keep It Clean Guys

Blatant sexual remarks about a women’s body or what you could do with it, however witty usually ends the conversation.
Especially if you are contacting them for the first time. Just think, what would you do in real life on the street – would you open with a sexual remark? Or course not – so keep the conversation clean. The relationship can escalate offline if you want it to go that way. Otherwise let the women initiate the sexual.

Step 9. Online Conversation Flow

Just like in real life a conversation does not mean a dictatorship. You do not talk and they listen. You ask genuine questions and wait patiently for their reply before you reply to their questions. Small story telling may be used IF the other asks for it and is willing and WANTS to hear about it. Ensure that conversation flows naturally and don’t be the dictator. She wants to talk, you want to talk, let it be a 50 50 relationship.

Step 10. Present and Future

You may have had a terrible and violent break up with your ex but do you think the world wants or needs to hear about it? If so go to your friends and family. Keep all conversation about present and future plans. Stay well away from past stories and ex girlfriends.