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Dating Over 45

The dating over 45 section of the plenty of fish forums is a great insight into what mature singles get up to. The threads are surprisingly sexual in nature but mostly rant on about how nobody is interested in them.
Is kissing important to you? It seems that as you get older kissing is equally important.
Heres some great insight into how a select few women over 45 or “mature” women lose there mojo to.
Apparently some women just can’t be bother with love sometimes and feel that they are not cut out for the date scene. They would much rather get connection and subdue loneliness by hanging out with female friends and joining clubs. Because dating over 50+ is alot about companionship this doesn’t seem like to bad an idea.
Struggles of breaking up at 45 and the looming fear of being alone when you are older brought up by this thread. Do you stay in a relationship because it feels safe and because you have invested so many years in it? People change over time and long term relationships require ALOT of compromise.
You need to decide if the person you married and loved is the same person they are today. Making that decision to break a LONG term relationship is understandably difficult because you take on part of the identity of that person.
Breaking up is like losing part of yourself but sometimes the hard decisions have to be made to move forward. If you know where you want to go and your partner doesn’t come into the picture then you know what you have to do…

Ask A Guy

Plenty of fish advice on how to ask a guy out:
Great date then the guy leaves… what to do when you think the relationship is going great then he doesn’t return your calls.

Ask A Girl

Guys asking female plenty of fish users questions regarding what to do in sticky situations. How to break up with a girl, how to ask a girl out and what to do next when a girl gives you here number on plenty of fish.

Dating And Love Advice

A ton of interesting questions raised in this section:
Heres one with a ton of replies regarding why guys seem to be only interested in sex and then leave soon after. Can a relationship exist for a long period of time without sex?
Plenty of fish users seem to be happy to debate any number of conflicting and contradicting topics which makes for interesting and amusing reads.
Plenty of fish experiences with awkward first dates, gotta hate those awkward silences and socially weak men and women that have no clue what to say during the first encounter.

Broken Hearts

Broken marriages divorces and breakups – all the painful stories are here from real people, I would stay away if I was you

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