Practical Vs Intellectual Dating Game

Live What You Learn

There is little point in reading any of this if you don’t plan to actually implement it into your daily life. If you think that you will become wiser and use it down the road your might be partially right but you wont get the full benefit.
A lot of the good stuff will be lost in transition and when it comes to crunch time you stumble over your words and forget vital material. Plus the whole seduction process is something that cannot be rehearsed in your head.
It has to felt and experienced. The more experiences you have the more you will pick up on what works and why.
Because every personality is different you cant rely on any one system to pull through for you. You have to find your own unique slant on what becomes your unique game.
What you can use from the depths of your own natural game to impress women wont work for the next guy.
Some are happy go lucky folk who don’t do serious and witty very well.
Some prefer dry humor over loud confident approaches.
Find out what you do best and practice it.
It’s kind of like doing a test – you think that you know the material but unless you actively solve the problems before the test you end up screwing up.
So what you have to do is come up with a little action plan for the day. Whatever you come across and learn during the day you have to be able to integrate it into your reality.
This could be booking or planning something in the weekend that is tangible. Your only going to get better at this stuff if you actually take the time to fail a bit first.
David deangelo and I would say every other pua would have gone through a ton of rejections and troubling times before they got any results.

Practical Vs Intellectual Dating Game

95% of the guys you meet will have outstanding intellectual dating game… which by the way counts for jack sh#$.
They might even be a little arrogant about their ability to come up with a great argument regarding what to do in any given situation.
They have macked more girls in their mind than they can count and it’s gone past being delusional – they dont even know that their doing it now.
Sure they have gotten lucky more than a few times while out with the boys but sleeping with a drunk tramp need not boost their ego. Sadly they could have been replaced by any guy in the bar that night.
Practical dating game evolves slowly over time – it takes more than a quick read of a dating ebook to become a master of seduction.
How you really become great at this – how you become great at ethically manipulating and seducing not only women into bed/relationships but also men into business deals or strangers into friends… is through practice.
You have to integrate a consciousness into your every day life that allows you to be self aware. That way you can pick up on areas that you can improve on.
So you dont just practice your game for three hours on a saturday night while your stoned or drunk! You actually practice your emotional stability, natural game and approaches during the day.
While your at the supermarket you strike up a great conversation with the women behind the counter. While your chatting to an old friend you notice how she responds to certain emotions you portray.
I am obviously not suggesting that you are trying to seduce these people into anything serious you are just playing a little game… You are practicing real life present seduction and relationship skills.
Your everyday life is like going to a football skills training – So that when you finally meet that 9/10 compatible knockout blond you dont screw it up because you remember how to influence her type.
IF you start doing your “PL HOMEWORK” during the day – you will be amazed at how great the test goes this weekend, however the test will usually arrive into your life when you least expect it.
The “test” being your future wife/serious girlfriend.

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