Problems you may face with free online dating sites…


The Dudes
Just go to and click on shuffle people and you will get and idea of what I mean… Just a pre-warning: You will see naked dudes in front of webcams.
I am not quite sure what is going on there – I mean what a terrible greeting…
You are meeting someone for the first time and as an introduction you flip your wang out… come on fellas where are your manners.
It has been leaked before that the dudes on pof are equally rude.
An article by mashable titled “Dating on Plentyoffish – Trading Fees for Scumbags?” says it all.
The big one (if you a guy) is the women or lack thereof…
There is usually much less feminine presence on dating sites when compared to men. Sites like girlsdateforfree are trying to flip the ratio in favour of men.

Attractiveness Or Quality Of Singles

You may be no oil painting yourself but when it comes to free online dating sites you might just want to rethink that.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course and you simply need to make a decision about the benchmark you will accept…
Sounds horrible to say and I would actually recommend that you allow yourself to be OPEN about chatting to everyone on the site.
However excluding women based on looks is a blunt reality of male life (which will neve understand) …but can you afford to be that picky?
The problem guys will have on dating sites is that they’ll have a warped or inflated sense of themselves and only go after 8-10’s on the “attraction scale” that are within 3 years of their own age…
This is a very strong filter wouldn’t you agree?
Ease up on the restrictions and you could find yourself with a very suitable (and wild) cougar of your choice.
The pool of single women and men starts to get pretty large as you move down the attraction scale so the further down your prepared to go the more chance you will have of finding someone you really get on with.
Christ that last section was blunt…

Nobody Home

Singles in your area could be few due to the site just starting to grow in popularity or you living in a small town.
Browse outside your location and you will find some smoking hot singles that are ready to chat… Just be prepared to do some travelling if you want to take things offline.

Login Problems

Plenty of fish has long had problems with users unable to login. Recently it was rumoured that the database was hacked and information collected about some pof users.

Confusing Interface

It is obvious when you are logged into a paid dating sites because everything is where it should be…
The site is very easy to navigate and find what your looking for. There photo uploading and syncing with other devices is easy.
The only other free dating sites which is like this is okcupid. You might find that free dating sites have a confusing website setup and finding what you want fast is a headache.
If you are into pretty layouts and nice graphics then free dating sites are not what your looking for.
The reality is you are there to meet people and set up dates so it shouldn’t be on your mind however it is nice to be present in a great looking environment.
After all – the better looking the site and the easier it is to navigate the better time you will have and the more dates you will find.

RE: No-Reply

You might find that few singles actually reply to your emails. Despite plenty of fish growing at a reported 20,000 singles every day there will still be vacant/stagnant profiles lying around.
These women haven’t checked their profile in years and their inbox will be jam packed full of dudes checking them out.
Email the female profiles that are active and have logged in recently. That way you increase your chances of actually getting some interaction on the site rather than an inbox that says (0).

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  1. OMG this is soo true – the dudes on pof are creeepy… I have no trouble finding guys to date so dont even know why I use plenty of fish Guess it’s nice to get the attention

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