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Professional Match Review:  Would you like a personalized dating experience, instead of sorting through a ton of profiles? Would you like members to be prescreened, so you only see top quality matches? Professional Match is supposed to cater to you. Does it live up to the expectations?

Sign Up

To sign up, you’ll need to enter your sexual orientation, location, birthdate, and email. Then you’ll enter your religion and how often you attend church.

This is where the site lost me. Literally. Instead of continuing with Professional Match, I was directed to Love and Seek, where I could find other Christian singles.

What about the wonderful site I read about in other reviews, where real matchmakers vet you and walk you through the process? There are two possibilities here.

First, there’s the possibility that Professional Match is now owned by People Media, and has become a feeder for their other dating websites. People Media owns at least 25% of the online dating market, and they have done this with other sites.

Love and Seek is owned by People Media, but I couldn’t find any information on who owns Professional Match. Normally, you’ll find feeder sites admit to being feeder sites in the terms of service. However, Professional Match’s terms of service doesn’t mention this.

The second possibility is that Professional Match is actually as exclusive as it claims to be. Perhaps my age (34) wasn’t considered old enough to be a serious dater.

Second Attempt

Giving the site the benefit of the doubt, I tried signing up again. I only changed my birthdate, and used a different email address. This time I was directed to Mate1. Unfortunately, Professional Match appears to be a site that just leads you to other dating sites.

It may have been an exclusive dating site for professionals at one time, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

Professional Match Review: Bottom Line

Don’t waste your time with Professional Match. While it may have been a worthwhile dating site at one time, it isn’t anymore.

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