Promiscuous Sex

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wiki explanation of promiscuous sex

In human sexual behavior, promiscuity refers to the practice of having many sexual partners in the absence of any commitment

Promiscuity has long been part of human behavior and now thanks to the internet the real intent of men and women is being revealed through search terms and interactions.
Casual dating sites are flourishing and growing in population.
Flexible and relaxed relationships are talked about openly within members areas and open forums.
Becoming a promiscuous dater requires a significant emotional strength. The negative emotion of jealously needs to be controlled and any feelings of possessiveness that arise are dealt to with honest communication.
Casual dating is NOT for everyone. It is very natural for two people to form a pair bond during the initial stages of love and marriage (5-7 years)
But spending 50+ years together is a relatively recent human adaptation…
It’s just not necessary for future survival and reproduction however it’s not all about that anymore. As one get’s older activity partners and safety become more important.

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