Psychology Of Attraction: “5 Essential Mindsets Of Magnetically Attractive Men”

The following comprises notes from Part one of the:
“5 Essential Mindsets Of Magnetically Attractive Men”

  • Human sexuality
  • Human seduction
  • The nature of romantic attraction

The evolution of seduction and how to trigger attraction in the opposite sex
The knowledge of the psychology of attraction and how it works will enable you to be conscious of what mental triggers work in seduction.
Most have a poor understanding of the mating game…
Parents refuse to talk about it… we are playing the game with no rule book.
we do learn the rules somewhere (movies, songs and romantic books)
– we think we know how our love lives should be…
But divorce rates are close to 50%!
Not only will we learn how to trigger instant attraction but how we can we use this in our favour.
You will learn how to stimulate the natural evolution of your own personality so that YOU can become the man that automatically attracts women.
Broad topics:

  • seduction
  • attraction
  • romantic relationships

Creating attraction – whether you want to attract a man, women – gay or straight your success is heavily determinant on your inner game.
A very short history of the human race:
Small brains evolved in Africa – no language and music to communicate
about 10,000 years ago (Holocene period) – Similar brain structure to current
we have evolved very very quickly
In the context of seduction and attraction – here is a basic overview of how we evolved.
the most primitive part of our brain (the brain stem) which control basic functions – breathing etc
The emotional brain is called the limbic system which controls emotions such as fear and desire.
The neocortex gives us the intellectual edge which makes us uniquely human (language to communicate, long term planning and rationalizing)
Why tell you this?

The Neocortex evolved AFTER the Limbic system…

The emotional system takes over when a mating opportunity arises…
Attraction is not a logical choice – it’s a involuntarily response from the limbic system.
our brains use

  • 25% of our metabolic energy
  • 40% of our blood glucose
  • and 15% total oxygen

what’s the point?
99% of all animals do just fine with much smaller brains…
Why do humans have such bigger brains?
– Is the survival of the fittest theory valid?
Evolution through natural selection is only part of the story…
There is also sexual selection which is sexual competition within a species.
Mate choice – some appear more attractive than others!
Sexual selection is a very powerful concept – women play a very important part in this process

Mindset and psychological driving factors…

It’s the specific mental preferences of primarily the females that drive sexual selection!
We are hardwired to choose certain specific traits which others do not!
what’s fascinating is that these traits are mostly physical in mammals… (male peacock feathers)
but in humans they are mostly MENTAL!
It’s about advertising personality traits through words and actions
We forget why we are doing what we are doing because we don’t understand what works.
It’s right in front of us – but we don’t understand why we are portraying certain behaviours – they feel good so we do them but why?
If you know these specific traits and carefully work them into your personality you become unstoppable because remember that attraction is not a choice – the women that become attracted to you do not have a choice.
If you maximise certain traits and remove other artificial add-ons then you can become magnetically attractive to your potential mate.
Become the centre of the world for our romantic partner
They are already hardwired sexually selected traits…
BUT only the best among us exhibit them naturally
MOST exhibit traits that are pushing women and men away!

Smell overpowers all of our other senses!
aphrodisiac like traits are mostly mental in humans.
We communicate messags to others – what are you sending to the world?
Once you know which traits are selected for (mental and psychological in nature) you can portray these to others.

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