PUA Madness: Where Is The Love

There is a lot more to be said for being nice than you currently understand.
Every dating and pick up artist recommend you have to bust a girls balls every time you are chatting to her. You have to show your value and use the set in certain ways and blah blah blah.
What happened to being genuinely interested in what she has to say? What happened to just being a nice guy.
Women respect a man that respect them. You know there is a difference between a wussy guy and a nice guy.
You DON’T want to be a wussy guy.
But being a pick up artist implies that you need to be this pompus arrogant prick who talks shit and busts every girls balls thus showing your “value”… you really just come across looking like a complete douch bag.
Don’t give up your innocence and your genuine care for women.
This is very attractive and will help you once you settle down. Women like that tender side to guys. These pick up artists are talking about picking up the idiot women that are akin to their fucked up broken natures.
I am stereotyping awfully here and so am not finger pointing at any one guy but just the industry in general.
Many of these guys don’t actually have long term girlfriends that of any value because they soon find out that these “pros” don’t have much beyond an approach.
They teach pick up and thus are so engrossed by the whole deal that they forget the long term relationships and it’s importance.
Where has the love gone? The care the trust and simply being a nice guy… not a wuss but genuinely a decent guy with something to offer.
The pick up artists are masters of the social scene, social dynamics, psychology and marketing… they really are. I would just like them to place more emphasis on love and long term relationships. This is what every guy wants deep down beyond the sexual drive that is so fleeting.
Perhaps all the money is in the “get the girl” scene and not after it so that’s why they spend so much time focusing on it.
A guy like david wygant get’s it. He teaches the essence of being a man and being honest open and confident.
The PUA crowd mean well… they are trying to make better men of us all. I just think some of their approaches and the personalities that get attracted to the scene are all messed up.
They are missing the point of seduction altogether. But if guys just want casual sex or a short term partner I guess it’s a great process to go through and learn.
Just don’t forget to treat a women with the respect that she deserves…
I agree that’s it’s a delicate balance between the two and it depends on which women you are dealing with.
If you like the experienced vixen bar sluts that every man and his dog has been in and out of then by all means treat them like shit because they will be doing the same to you!
But if you after a true and lasting connection with a women that actually get’s you for you then I would suggest looking elsewhere.
You can meet great girls at some laid back bars – don’t forget there is also all sorts of other options available to you… Love systems have a product call daytime dating which teaches guys many techniques regarding how to talk to women during the day.
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