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PUA training is NOT about cheating or deceiving girls
PUA training is NOT about lying or misleading anyone
PUA training does NOT promote exploitation of women
PUA training IS about:
life change
becoming a man
self development
inner game
pua training
developing confidence
tested systems backed by results
expert advice
PUA training is headed by Richard La Ruina AKA Gambler
This guy is great to learn from because he is very relatable, he went from the position of complete pick up artist failure to the master he is now. He had the same fears you do, that of not being good enough, getting rejected or freezing up under pressure.
Richard is a great guy and you can learn a lot from what he has to share. Check out this video:
Most men are not prepared to change, to learn and to grow. Most men don’t have the courage to accept they have any weaknesses.
Learning how to master the art of seduction in order to have a better love life is not easy. It encompasses a broad spectrum of human behaviour, fears and situations.
But if you choose to take this journey the rewards are many, not only will you be able to date women WAY out of your league with ease but more importantly you will become a more confident man. Your perspective on life, morals, spirituality and dating will change forever.
You could be simply looking to reignite passion into your current love life.
Even though pick up artist training focuses a lot on the approach and the sexual side of dating there is also a loving spiritual side too. I believe your real motivation for wanting to learn how to attract hot women is not necessarily the sex (even if you think it is).
There is a much stronger underlying motivation at play her and that is POWER and CONTROL.
You want to be in control of your life.
You want to be a powerful confident leader at work.
You want more from life. Because in the end… You can buy sex
Let’s be honest the sexual side of it IS a big motivator but there is SO much more to pick up artist training than just pick up lines and scripted approaches.
It is almost like the historical male initiation period of your life. Becoming a more confident upstanding and communicative man, a man that faces his fears and wins through a journey of female seduction.
What a great initiation for modern men! So I urge you to open your heart to men like Richard La Ruina, he can not only get you in the sack with women… but more importantly show you the path to confidence, power, happiness and control through the conquering of fears.
So let’s go on the journey together in search of not only perfect pickup techniques but also…
enlightened through perspective of experts
life transition
will power
Successfully conquering fears of past emotional hurt whether you think they exist or not is what this journey is about. It goes deeper than learning the lines.
In order to attract and successfully flirt with hot women you need to change your confidence and perspective on the inside because that is what gets subconsciously portrayed on the outside.
If you meet and talk with a guy like Richard you soon realise why they are so good at attracting women.
The attraction is immediate and magnetic, its the whole package – the eye contact, the voice tone pitch and pause durations, the body posture, the communication style.
Thats why PUA training events are so popular because it takes this sort of full weekend immersion to learn and change your actions. I am not talking about a complete personality change because obviously that is what makes you who you are but more of a perspective and mindset shift.
A shift from the quick fix pick up line, in and out style game to more of the complete package pick up approach.
Did you know:
99.9% of men are not like you? You have taken action and are willing to change and improve! Most men (78%) are UNHAPPY with their love lives.
The average man sleeps with 6 women in their life. Most men keep their head down and out of trouble, work hard at their job so that they can earn enough to impress a women.
They soon find out that they have socially ostracised themselves, know nothing about the world outside their bubble and more importantly nothing about women. Most men work hard not smart.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Are you ready to start working smart?
How many times have you tried to pick up women?
How many failed?
Perhaps you don’t need PUA advice at all! If you have not yet even tried to approach a women perhaps you just need to work on your confidence and inner game.
Are you scared of missing out of the select few beautiful women at the club? Think that there are not enough hot women to go around so YOU don’t have a chance? Once again this comes down to mindset shifts… from scarcity to abundance.
PUA training is about being able to easy approach women WAY out of your league and actually impress them. It’s about no longer putting up with insults both internally and externally.
PUA training is about attraction and seduction. Once you have learnt how to be a pick up artist you can apply the skills in many situations. Bars clubs coffee shops book shops university campuses, work. You can even take it a step further and use the techniques outside of female attraction. Making more friends and influencing people using NLP (included in PUA training) is a great side benefit of learning the art of seduction.
From sitting at home believing your not good enough anymore to kissing 6 girls in ONE night…
From feeling alone and unloved to feeling wanted and admired by women across the globe.
Once again PUA training is about complete life change rather than simply cheap fixes.
There has long been a disconnect between what university scholars and psychologists know about human behaviour and the common man. Psychologists can’t teach you pick up artist systems, apart from having no motivation to do so they can’t get laid themselves.
After thousands of hours of testing and many failures the PUA training system was finally created.
Richard realises that there is a correct way to act that enables you to attract women into your life.
After learning pickup you won’t be chasing women… you won’t need to. The fact that pick up is a learnable process should get you very excited. This means all you need to do is apply yourself.
Discovering how to give off that certain energy that attracts women will mean women call YOU and ask YOU out. Despite any social, financial or physical circumstances pick up and seduction is still a learnable skill.
Your intention an motive for learning pickup will be different from the next guy which is OK.
Some want a different hot women every night. Others want to find a life partner.
Either way you need to learn the art of seduction and attraction. These guys know exactly how to approach touch and talk to any kind of female personality. They don’t just talk big game or understand this stuff intellectually but have learnt it in the field.
If you decide to get advice from Richard at puatraining.com understand that you will be putting yourself into the top 1%. Remember most men NEVER take the time to learn this stuff.
The goal of puatraining.com is to not only get you into bed with hot women but to also improve the quality of your life. IF you are ready for life change through learning the art of seduction then take your first step by clicking here.
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