Puppet Nightmares Review

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Puppet Nightmares is a web-based free to play role-playing game. It is based on the story of a toymaker who lures children into the world of nightmares to take their innocence and their souls. It incorporates game with sexy visuals.

Sign Up

To join Puppet Nightmares, the website requires its users to fill out a form that requires the following fields:

  • Character name – subject to availability
  • Character gender
  • Password
  • User email address

At this point, you may also indicate if you’ve been referred by other members.

When selecting your character’s gender, the answer options you have are Male, Female, Neutral or Non-binary.

Since this is a game that kids may end up in, there is a tickbox indicating that the user is at least 18 years of age.

Interesting Information

After providing all these, the new member will be logged in and directed to a page that provides choices as to what you expect out of Puppet Nightmares. Choices are:

  • Collecting monsters
  • Roleplaying community
  • Old school RPG gameplay
  • Naughty things
  • Interesting story

The next option is the difficulty that of the game that you want to play, from easy to extreme difficulty

Another option is presented for content preferences, from safe for work visuals to the most sexual content.

It then leads to an episode selection page. It is defaulted to the first episode for new members, with the rest of the episodes locked. These can only be unlocked by playing the game.

The episodes that set the story are in text form. This will keep you acquainted with the other game characters and the mission. At this point, new members undergo a tutorial to learn how to play the games. The game tutor also coaxes the user to play the game more by promising to undo buttons of their clothes.

A part of the game is scenario-based, given A and B circumstance, do you choose to x, y, or z.  There are challenges and fighting other characters.

The characters are wearing sexy outfits if not almost completely naked. When you defeat a character, they either get pregnant (female characters) or die/get tired (male characters). There is a map where you need to accomplish your missions.


Apart from the regular gaming portal, there are also chatrooms — one native to the website, and another via the discord app.


There is no subscription plan available per se. But the developer and artist of the game, Eric Robbins, has a Patreon account where users can become Patrons. For as little as $1 a month, fans can support Eric’s art. This is a purely voluntary donation.


If you are a gamer and want to get some extra sexiness into your gaming, then Puppet Nightmares is a great option.

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