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Pure Matrimony Review: Pure Matrimony prides in being a dating a.k.a. Matrimonial website. It is especially customized in accordance to Islamic beliefs and teachings of the Quran and Sunnah which puts importance to purity of women and men.


Islam has specific teachings, beliefs, laws, and ethics that they want to ensure they continue to practice. Other dating and matrimonial sites do not provide the safeguard to ensure that these are followed.

The website puts in high regard its members’ privacy and modesty, something that is not quite captured in any other dating site. Pure Matrimony guarantees that their platform adheres to Shariah and is designed under the strict supervision and consultation with top Islamic marriage counselors.

Sign Up

Upon signup, you’ll provide your name, email, location, and your Wali’s name, email address, and phone number. A Wali is the closest male relative to support, advise, and protect the member in his/her search for a marriage partner. Providing a Wali, however, is optional.

Next, an email will be sent to verify your membership to Pure Matrimony. After which, more information will be gathered which shall include an oath of your faith to Allah and practice of Islam as your religion. A clause asking for one’s accurate and truthful information and details is also included.

Basic details will then be asked, 3 descriptive words are asked to describe one’s self to help you find your “Pure Match”. Your ethnicity, religious history, sect, marital status and level of faith will also be asked.

You’ll then be taken to a “Looking For” page that will limit your matches based on their age, location, height, profession, and other preferences asked on the basic details fields.

The last step is the about me page where there are open ended questions asking you to tell more about yourself and your ideal partner.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll find options on what to do. Photo upload is optional, as Islam respects modesty and privacy.

There is a personality match test as well that you can take to allow other members who suit your personality type find you. The Pure Matrimony Personality Match is quite long. Questions include your decision making, outgoingness, and other personality traits that may be considered when matching compatibility. The personality test is based on the Myers Briggs personality test and provides a MBTI type compatibility match as well.

Pure Matrimony Review: Features

The sole objective of the website is to match couples towards marriage. They do not have a live chat room, as unnecessary chatting between opposite genders is not tolerated.

The option to add your Wali/guardian in the conversation with your match is a feature that Pure Matrimony added in accordance with Islamic traditions on marriage. Only shortlisted potential matches may see your private profile image – and only upon permitting them to see it.


While Pure Matrimony can be used free, a paid full version is available for $78.26 for a whole year or $18.26 per month. There are different payment schemes based on your preference.Benefits of subscribing

Benefits of subscribing include messaging and contacting profiles, requesting to view photos, ask and answer members profile question, and other members who might not necessarily match, view your profile.Half of the proceeds of the paid membership subscription is donated to charities.

Half of the proceeds of the paid membership subscription is donated to charities.

Interesting Information

The website has Pure Matrimony match success testimonies guaranteeing members of the high marriage rate of the site. They also have an accompanying blog and podcast that can serve as a guide to online dating.

Worth noting is their strict enforcement on their T&Cs regarding membership:

Membership Terms and Conditions

You affirm that you are over 18 years old and have not li

ed or cheated in any way shape or form in order to use this website.

Anyone found to be using the Pure Matrimony website under the age of 18 will be banned immediately without refund and your IP address will also be banned.

You affirm and have sworn by Allah that you are a practising Muslim who is upon the Quran and Sunnah and is looking to marry a practising Muslim spouse.

The Pure Matrimony website is for the use of helping you find a spouse in a halal manner.  If you are the parent or wali of a sister, you MAY create an account on behalf of your child WITH THEIR PERMISSION.

Pure Matrimony Review: Bottom Line

Perfect for Muslim men and women who see faith as a non-negotiable part of their life, and would love to adhere to the principles and teachings of Islam, but would love to employ technology to find their match.

Pure Matrimony ensures that matches are congruent to Islamic teachings and laws, preserving modesty and purity. Allowing a Wali to mediate, support, and advise the person or the couple ensures that everything will be safe and in accordance with customs and in adherence to faith.

Given its very niche user-base, and the limitations and restrictions of the platform, the probability of finding a match might be bleak.

Hope you found our Pure Matrimony Review useful.

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